Ethiopia, French Army Sign Sign, Navy Navy, New Page 39; in the Ties


Ethiopia and France agreed on their first military collaboration, a treaty that is helping to help the nation with building land, and Paris to try to increase it t economic links in the second largest country of Africa.

On the four-day visit to Horn of Africa, President Emmanuel Macron hopes to break France's colonial history on the continent and rear relations in an area where it has gone back. in recent years.

Macron wants to pass on a mixture of the gentle power of Paris in culture and education and his military experience to stop him at a time when Ethiopia is opening.

“This agreement of co-operation, which has never been seen, provides a framework … and in particular, opening the way to France to help establish a legacy of Ethiopia," said Macron. T to a news conference with First Minister Abiy Ahmed.

The decision also provides air co-operation, collaborations and opportunities for training and equipment acquisition.

Abiy, who assumed his role as chief in April last year, overwhelmed major political and economic changes which introduced the forgiveness of refugee rebels and, among others, negotiated with an enemy.

Spread the country in 1991 after his continent, Eritrea, who is on the red sea, was captured after a three-year war for independence.

“We're here in a friendly country where we want to build and build a new page in our general history,” said Macron. "Since you became the prime minister, our vision (Ethiopia) has changed dramatically."

He and Abiy also agreed to contracts to develop the cultural heritage of Ethiopia, including building churches and opening up archaeological excavations in a 12th century village. Paris will give € 100 million to help boost the country's economic change.

Alongside Macron was a delegation of businessmen and women, including the senior Orange communications organization, Stephane Richard, who are trying to put the company into the forefront of privatization of the sector. Ethiopia.

The CMA-CGM jeweler and the nutrition group with the Soufflet family are among companies that mark Wednesday contracts. A French 50-plus business delegation is to be arranged in Addis on Friday.

The history of France in Ethiopia dates from the beginning of the 20th century. It was given the largest Ambassador of the World – 43 hectares (106 acres) – by the Emperor Menelik II in 1907. In 1917 he built the railway link between the old colony of Djibouti and Addis. However these days the impact and business contracts of people in China are not affected.

"The railway between Djibouti and France is 100 years old and the work we want to do is now with President Macron for a long time. Perhaps it's 100 years old t "Let's talk about it again," said Abiy.

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