2 CEO CEO 2U: "Diversity of Opinion Mekes Me a Better CEO"

The exploitation of a diverse workforce can encourage new ideas, develop consumer knowledge and enforce company values. This should come as no surprise, having an unprecedented study involving the introduction of 100 Fortune and Work Workplace for Diversity varies between workplace and corporate culture. more innovative. And it points out that the Chiefs will engage themselves with a diverse team and that they will build an inclusive environment for all stakeholders.

"I see [diversity] every day in the boardroom. It makes it better as a Chief Executive, ”said Chip Paucek, 2U Chief Executive, Inc.. – a commercial learning technology company that builds, delivers and supports online degree programs and qualifications for working adults. Paucek tells Fortan a mixed board supports it to plunder the company through turbulent times. The political passage is 2U owned by around 2,000 people on either side, so it's a little worry when it comes to socializing.

Paucek gave an account of the racy which was ruthlessly survived in Charlottesville, Virginia during the summer of 2017 for example. “As the head of the company, there is a time I can't ignore something; it was important to let staff know that there was no such thing [Charlottesville] that's going on at 2U, ”said Paucek, who trusted in his diverse table for advice on how to apply the company's values ​​within the organization. The 2U board of directors is made up of professionals from different genres and ethnic groups; the board also has a mixture of experience in start-up, capital markets, and the academic world.

But taking a position on social issues and talking about diversity with staff is not enough. Paucek tells Fortan inclusive workforce creation and widening access to education could help to drive income growth.

Here's Paucek's access to education. In the early 1990s, before 2U, he devised a television program PBS known as Standard Deviants which delivered college courses to teenagers taught by actors and actors – the aim of education is to make fun of young students. Subsequently he commanded Hooked on Phonics, an attractive reading system for children which has expanded to more than 30 countries. In 2008, Paucek 2U, who set up the online education market by partnering with universities, delivered online degree programs in clouds. And in 2014, 2U went public after $ 96 million was raised in enterprise-supported funding.

The motto is 2U “No Back Row,” which means that you get a good education where you meet – and that could be online, at any time in your life . “Scale [growing businesses to eventually raise millions in funding] it's hard, but it's a great opportunity, ”Paucek says, considering his industrial journey.

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