Analysis of XRP / USD: The bull will bring the prices to the short-term rally

The bull appears to have entered the XRP markets because the XRP price has always been pumping, for a short rally. Current price XRP at writing time at $ 0.29 per quarter $ 12 billion market.

The 24 hour price change of XRP 1.73% and the trading measure for 24 hours is $ 442 million, and most [$52 million] of the trading book for XRP from ZB.COM exchange through pair of XRP / BTC trading.

1 hour

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The hourly timetable does not show that there is an upgrade, but a decrease that does; ranging from $ 0.3392 to $ 0.3049. The support for XRP at $ 0.2928 can be seen, and the attendance lines at $ 0.3049 and $ 0.3160 ​​are shown.

An SAR parabolic Signs can be sealed under the price candles that are displayed; highlighting hard pressures for XRP markets.

An MACD the signal crosses a crossing over as the MACD line has exceeded the signal line to roof.

An Awesome oscillator showing movement in the color of the bars, which is showing movement, increase in price shift.

1 day

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The decision for XRP prices in a one-day card is a & # 39; increased from $ 0.9027 to $ 0.3276, but it is not clear that it is still easy to see in the longer period of time that shows that the prices have not been a major move. The support for the longer frame frame can be seen at $ 0.2587, while the attendance points are shown at $ 0.5836, $ 0.6880, and $ 0.9041.

An Aroon A sign showing the green Aroon line rises that the increase is totally up and running; control XRP markets.

An Story The signal shows that the appearance of hardwood is just around the corner.

An Chaikin Money Flow showing a green decline that is continue to try to cross the line of zero, and show that the buyers are entering the XRP market.


The hourly schedule is lit with bull signals throughout the charts as marked by SAR, MACD, OS marks. The one-day record showing a support sign with all the marks [Aroon, Stochastic, and CMF]

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