Apple Watch is found to sleep

Apple seems to have tried a sleepwatch for smartwatch. However, according to a report, there will be no official solution until 2020.

Owners of Apple Watch have to be & # 39; visiting outside services if they wanted to look after sleeping. By hearing around, you can see how good it is; And you got back at night you were sleeping. As Apple's smartwatch is not better for third party applications, these services use a high level of battery. So far Apple is offering Apple Watch users with no feature inside.

That should change however – although only next year. As Bloomberg recites, Apple should be tested on sleeping for a future smartwatch version. According to the report, Apple has been scrutinizing the cadet management work for several months with witnesses in secret places around its headquarters in Cupertino, California. If the tests are successful, the company intends to be included in Apple Watch by 2020. Apple is not officially reported yet.

Apple's dorming company

In May 2017, Apple received "Beddit". The Finnish starter will be doing its own sleep monitor, the Beddit polling study. Apple sells the product on its website under the Beddit brand and the draft was last updated last year. Sleep Monitor will work with the iPhone Beddit app. Getting to & # 39; company, Apple has some experience already in sleeping screening.

For Apple to launch their own official solution, users will only be limited to other services, such as AutoSleep Sleep Tracker (Apple App Store) or Pillow Automatic Sleep Tracker (Apple App Store).

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