Behavioral early infections due to warm weather – An Post

The fascinating warm weather in Denmark produces more than spring flowers, games and cafés. The tall teas have also started the ticket season.

After finding 25 cats on one cat, the Danish Technical University (DTU) has warned that bad blood cells are aggregating diseases early in the year – very early, indeed.

"Summer is still high for tickets, but sometimes you may be worried about this time of year because people are not getting the problem badly," said Rene Bødkers, a bird co-authored by DTU, to TV2 News.

"It's a bigger risk in tickets because people do not make sure, and as a result they can dig in for a longer period – and that's when there's a problem. "

QUESTIONS: A ticket shelter that opens into Denmark

Tick ​​the boxes
Experts give a warning that it is a good idea; that people start to & # 39; investigate themselves and their pets for tartan, which may cause frightening illnesses such as Lyme disease – especially to go to the woodland or in areas with high grass.

Around the eighth tickets in Denmark carry the illness and, thousands of Danish bites every year, around 150 are infected with their illness.

If bite, look at the bite mark to find out if there is a red break on the size of a five kroner coin; break out. If so, contact your doctor.

The bull's eye badge is taken by Lyme's Disease (picture: Hannah Garrison)

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