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Bloodlines 2 will be freed for PS4 next year

After 15 years, Paradox Interactive and Hardsuit Labs return one of the most impressive RPGs ever

Brian Mitsoda, narrative lead, hard tests

Everything started with a short message: "Would you like to work with Bloodlines 2?" The news came from my good friend Ka Cluney and I had the first idea, "I'm not sure …" But when we started, we went on, still; something changed – slow motion, the first start of what we want to bring in today: Bloodlines 2. It is still big to think about what was going to do even so long she would come.

After all, it doesn't happen every day that a game is brought back to life after many years, and it has been overcome by many obstacles to make it happen. Together, I got some drinks together in late 2015 and started designing the world of Bloodlines 2 – the project was in its early stages.

She had already persuaded Andy Kipling and Russ Nelson (founders of Hardsuit) to set up a meeting with Paradox after being known to have just won their claims of World of Darkness. Paradox was very interested at the meeting so that we could submit our thoughts for the game to DICE in February 2016.

After that we were confident that all the participants were enthusiastic about the idea – but it would continue to be a bold step for delivering such a small and unknown company in this way. This was one of the rare conditions which, as a developer, had to pay one million coins each time to sign the agreement. Just after the meeting, Paradox and Hardsuit Labs started work on one of the most unusual games that they always played.

Which Hardsuit Labs, can you ask yourself now? When I first worked with hardness, it reminded me of another small studio which was full of old soldiers and ambitious youngsters – the Troika Games, a Bloodlines developer 1.

Andrew, Russ and Kate, have put together a team that can only be described as a master player. Today, more than 60 people from Hardsuit Labs are working on Bloodlines 2. And we have our first big title playing in the city of Seattle.

Why are we giving Seattle World of Darkness? Seattle has always brought pioneers, artists and fans – some of them dreaming, some of them some criminals, some together. Now, in the 21st century, it is a town that always struggles to protect its heritage and to explain its future.

He is a big city of artists and craftsmen, but it is also home to some of the world's largest companies. There is always conflict between old and new, between the fun and the rich. A perfect place for vampires: The Masquerade!

Bloodlines 2 is a symbol of new Seattle and we have built a deep myth that is based on old and modern village scenes from the World of Darkness scene. You will travel through these streets, meet the important players and, with a charm and ambition, move the way into a circle within the sheriff.

It's a great event to return to World of Darkness and create the journey for Bloodlines you've been waiting for. We're delighted to revitalize the universe after 15 years and to make Bloodlines happen for the first time on the PlayStation platform! We will tell you about fares, clans, line and RPG de Vampire systems: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 over the next few months.

Sprouts: An Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 will be published in 2020 for PlayStation 4!

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