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Children start to & # 39; too extreme humidity, which uses too much teeth, Health News

Most children are Using too much toothpaste, cooking is often enough and they start to remove the teeth at a very young age, according to the US survey.

Parents should boil baby teeth when their first teeth appear, which can be as early as 6 months. And they should help their children so that their independent children are enough to do it; precisely and properly embedded itself, the Centers for Controlling and Disease Diseases (CDCs) and parenting organizations are offering advice.

"Alliance is one of the most common diseases in children, and diseases can handle pain, diseases and eating, talking and learning problems," said the author, Dr. Gina Thornton-Evans of the CDC Department of Health English in Atlanta, Georgia.

"Children with oral ill health lose more of the school and get lower levels than children with better oral health," she said in an email.

Although it is started with swiftness as soon as & # 39; What does a dentist appear, it is & # 39; recommends that chronic teeth can still be damaged by a lot of flowering, the inspection team has a & # 39; refers to the Morbidity and Mortality Week Report. So the CDC is suggesting that children do not. use fluoride dance pass until they are 2 years old.

Children under the age of 3 should be using a smear of a dentist's dental size, and children aged 3 to 6 should use an acute measure, they will add it.

To find out if US parents follow these instructions, Thornton-Evans and colleagues gave their responses to parents and carers more than 5,100 children and teenagers to a national representative survey.

The research team found that around half of children aged 3 and 6 used the recommended diet of dentistry when they broke, but 38 per cent filled full or full of dental food, too much.

Nearly 80 per cent of 3 to 15-year-olds started to & # 39; Toothpaste is an older age than recommended. About 61 per cent hit the teeth twice a day, and only 34 per cent left immediately.

Researchers also found differences in crude based cradle practices, as well as education and parents' income levels. For example, children who were living with a parent or guardian with smaller secondary education and Mexican-American children were more likely to start up with; killing and using a dentist pass after age 3.

The CDC and an American American Pediatric Academy have begun to develop messages for women who are pregnant with newborn babies and mothers about dentistry, telling the inspection team.

"Parents and carers have a great opportunity to help to prevent their children from changing a variety of early years," said Thornton-Evans. "As children grow older, parents should monitor their children to smoke and spit out an insect to get a good kite on the create. "

Educational programs should also help parents to use behavioral strategies to consolidate brutal practices, Brent Collett, the Washington University Medical School in Seattle, said that the study was not involved.

"By brushing teeth, the biggest thing that parents can be sorry to refuse their behavior to a child," said Collett in a telephone interview. "It's hard when children throw a donation."

Parents can start by asking their children to wet their toothpaste at the sink, he said, and then they will work to break the right amount of a tooth and then to a; toothpaste. For the first few years, parents may need to shower the children's teeth to them and to ensure that it is properly done.

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