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Conflict Trade with the USA: Huawei has developed property investment systems as a warning

Huawei has developed its own operating systems for smartphones and computers. This is reported by the South China Morning Post, commenting on Richard Yu's interview with the world. Yu is head of the Huawei Mobile Business Group, which is responsible for, amongst other things, smartphones.

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Information about the operating systems, the Chinese producer is not published. Rumors have already been set up in summer 2016 that Huawei is working on his own OS for his smartphones. At that time, Huawei's manager in Shenzhen confirmed that the company was happy with Android and did not plan to use their own system.

It seems that this fundamental idea has changed now. As the Huawei spokesman, according to the South China Morning Post, says the owner does not expect them to use the other settings and don't want to use them.

Huawei's smartphones have been running Android from the first model, with the interface of their own users installed. More recently, Huawei also has laptops installed with Windows 10. Huawei has also developed another option for Microsoft's operating system.

The background of the rising trade is between China and the USA. Products that are available in Android and Windows are from the Google and Microsoft companies, which can be prohibited in crisis. ZTE painter in China has already been hit with sanctions and the company has been prosecuted for illegal trading with Iran and North Korea. As a result, ZTE was not allowed to buy Qualcomm slates or use Android any more. Eventually, the USA and China agreed to this.

Huawei confronts complaints from the USA to put the country in a network device that allows permission to be installed. According to BSI (Federal Office for Information Security), there is no evidence to suggest that this exists, but the allegations allowed a number of countries to return to the Huawei network network. Conversely, other countries have chosen Huawei's equipment, particularly the expansion of 5G. The Chinese producer in the US to prepare legal provision is against the US government, as the interviewee is unfairly interrupted.

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