Congo: 4 patients missing after 2 clinic attacks

DAKAR, Senegal (AP) – Four Ebola patients in the Congo were missing after attacking a treatment center with unlimited Doctors for the second time in four days, said the Chongo Health Ministry on Thursday.

Unidentified attackers tents and other equipment were shot Wednesday at the medicine center in the town of the east of Bhuttembo. Sunday fire attackers added to another Congo club to the east side. Unlimited Doctors work in Katwa, killing one person and his / her; injured another, according to the ministry and medical aid agency.

The most recent violence is frightening that communities will continue to resist attempts to stop the Ebola 10th test in the country. Chongo's health workers are struggling to win the income of residents in attacks by armed groups trying to control the rich division.

The Health Ministry reported that 32 of the 38 people handled for a dispute of cases of Ebola escaped during a Wednesday attack, with eight of the 12 patients waiting for a positive case in the bed. Patients set out from the violence were temporarily moved to another medicine center.

Authorities who look for the four missing patients are proven that they have a very aggressive, Ebola who said; ministry.

The Mercy Corps humanity group at staff in North Kivu and Chongo work on the prevention and control of infection. Congo leader of the group, Jean-Philippe Marcoux, identified the "tricky" clinic attacks, but he said he thought it would be too easy to do so; threatening non-security and violence groups within communities.

"Instead, we should look at how Ebola's response to the eastern DRC was ruled," said Marcoux. "Community acquisition and retention of trust do not have the same weight to cure, and we continue to Seeing the effects: many suspicions and case numbers are rising. "

The Ebola breach announced in August is the second largest in cases and deaths behind those in West Africa who killed more than 11,300 people in 2014-2016.

Since the outbreak in the North Kivu area was launched; Chongo in August, there were 879 cases, and 814 were confirmed, coupled with 488 Ebola's deaths.

The World Health Organization in the update given to Thursday said that "a large degree" of people with Ebola died in the community, suggest that those with fatal illness avoid health clinics. The U.N health group also recognized that authorities did not mention a small number of previous cases before, and means that officials can not monitor where Ebola is discharging.

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