Cooper's nineteen donates money for the school in Ethiopia

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – A nine-year guitar player from the Sioux Falls influences the other side of the world.

$ 30 Cooper won $ 30 for a page after completing the first time in a music competition through the National Guitar Childbloom program. Zell gave that money and he gives it to children in Ethiopia.

A happy, happy child who wants music and it's a pleasure to be around. That's how a family member and guitar at Cooper describe her.

"Some of them can be challenging but some can be very fun because some are blues music," said Cooper.

Cooper has been playing a classic guitar for three years and has recently won a competition for "What's On This Is It".

"I was very happy about that. That's one of the first competitions that I am honored in receiving a letter from Kevin Taylor," said Cooper.

Taylor set up the Childbloom program. Here is a picture of Cooper with the letter and check $ 30.

"I think I would have bought $ 30 worth of candy bars if I had that at that age," said local cooper, Geoff Gunderson.

Gunderson says he had other ideas.

"It's a special kid sure," said Gunderson.

"He said jerk would be like if he put the money on himself," said Rob.

Rob Cooper said that his son only gave his money, he gave him to a secondary school in the country where he was born.

"It's a heart to help others. He's thinking about others before," said Rob.

As you can see here, the Cooper story is now on a record that will go on the wall of the new school.

"I feel very proud of that. It was very cool to see that picture," said Cooper.

"A day when I'm getting older my mother and my mother are and I'm going to see there," said Cooper.

In the meantime, he will continue to play and make a difference in the lives of others.

"You can do very good things when you keep trying," Cooper said.

In addition to guitar, Cooper also has a & # 39; playing a phiàna and a & n; love to sing.

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