Crystal Audio is cleaned and & # 39; ending freedom of movement / The new Technics Bluetooth headphones (PHOTO) | 18/2/19

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Technics has two new Bluetooths with the EAH-F70N and EAH-F50B
Mobile phones are displayed by musicians who love music
Freedom will move to the quality of sound, telephone calls of the first phase
steer and relax due to a sound system approved (EAH-F70N)
knowledge. Whether it is at home or on the road – with full comfort,
tidy tasks as well as effectively preventing
Out of sounds, the new earphones offer real listening.

The new Technics will come together in an amazing way
Favorite music ringtones with a good day-to-day telephones
and they also get high quality materials with them
finishing brushed fashion welcome welcome. About the BBC
Better Bluetooth Distribution * 1 * from the smartphone or smartphone
The favorite will enjoy the favorite songs, audio books or podcasts
in excellent quality, not to be connected to cable.
Most of the advanced technologies are & # 39; promises a natural treaty
Sound that is calm and enjoyable even with a long list of listening too
Determined by the best details and high mechanics. Crystal Clear
High, middle and deep horizontal boards will guarantee the best sound
Telephone calls are made with a clear understanding of a lecture. by & # 39;
Later you can find out the amazing spatiality
Majesty on a great concert hall or opera house.

Experience mammals completely calm and the severe environment
completely forgotten, this is enabled by EAH-F70N
Permitted sound sound system, which disrupts the usual sound
spread. The user can choose from three levels of filling
Grow up with their understanding of important features as it is
Choose traffic or notices when you travel.

The uncertainty handles are offered directly and on
Traveling accessible facilities and comfort. With help from
The multi-faced key will become a voice helper * 2 of the digital phone
He started to phone, & # 39; find music * 3 no
to listen to the weather report. Connection of two players can be connected
for example, to watch film from the album and
at the same time telephoning phone from the phone. And you should
but once the mobile phones have a stop, music is stop
Automatically (EAH-F70N) to start just next time
to keep a & # 39; play. The EAH-F70N has important not to lose weight
to hear the mobile phone clearly and clearly by sending it up
Pinna and so the interaction method is activated.

Thanks to high quality products with aluminum housing and
It's a complete destination; has been abrupted by Bluetooth Technics earphone
handsome companion. Extensively economically, soft and flexible
Ear earrings will come to the right. head shaped with the 3D football decision
and giving promise even long & as long as you go with thanks to your partnership

Both editions will be available from May 2019. The F70N will be in the
Black Graphite Colors, Umber Brown and Dolomite Silver for EIA
399,00EUR available. The F50B comes in graphics for 329,00EUR
Black money and dolphin.

* 1: When directed through Bluetooth®, LDAC supports up to 96
kHz / 24 bit and apt-X HD up to 48 kHz / 24 bit (revitalization at
Cable connection).
* 2: Depending on the smartphone designation and the app version
* 3: To use a music stream service
& Maybe link to the language assistant
not to register a fixed rate service.

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