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DRC Ebola Updates: Problems like the spread of disease quickly

FAIRFIELD, Conn (5 April, 2019) – With a number of Ebola cases in DRC at over 1,100, and a greater number of cases in the last two weeks, t Heather Kerr, Director of Save the Children in the DRC, said: t

“The challenges lie ahead with efforts to substantially eradicate the disease. Progress was being made, but this spike in cases appears to suggest that any benefits could be negotiated. With the wrong approach, fear and fear could be postponed.

Save the Children has been working around the clock to help communities fight the disease. We work within and alongside communities to ensure that they know how to protect themselves and feel supported through the tragic experience gained with an unusual and fatal disease on the doorstep. ”

Kerr said long-term conflict in the area is blending with Ebola to have children living in an ongoing crisis.

“Children are upset and angry about what is happening to them. For years neighbors, friends and relatives had been brutally killed in the conflict when working in the fields or on the street. Now Ebola is not only taking life – but it also destroys the vital links which children and their friends may need, as they can't keep a wife or comfort them. he gave each other. They are afraid that they will stop getting the disease but it is attacked by armed groups. ”

“People thought Ebola gave evil spirits” t

Save the Children has spoken to children and families who are trying to tackle the two conflicts of conflict and Ebola, which have drawn attention to the fears and misunderstandings of disease.

They had been killed by an armed gang of eleven years old, his aunt and one of his children in the field. A cousin of Pierre's only child was killed in the attack but it lasted after five months of cure. After this disaster, he and his family are going to look at a new threat to Ebola.

Pierre will attend Ebola sensory sessions with Save the Children and share the information with his friends. He said:

“Ebola was believed to have been taken by spirits. When a child delivers Ebola he can have a high fever, injures and changes his eyes. ”

Pierre's father, Henri *, looks after his brother's brother and two – 15 in total. He is also a community director trained by Save the Children to go to a house to a house telling families about the Ebola virus and how they need to protect themselves.

“There was a lot of a struggle as people thought Ebola was afraid,” said Henri. We also thought it was evil. Others believed that the government created the virus to reduce the country's population. We were frightened of the conflicts and were waiting for the election. This contributed to misunderstanding about Ebola, and thought the government created Ebola to reduce its population.

“I tell neighbors and families about Ebola to show them how Ebola is a dangerous disease and that the whole city could be killed.” T

Sebastien, who is fifteen years of age, initially thought that Ebola was there and he refused to have the vaccine. He changed his mind about Ebola after raising awareness with Save the Children.

“Ebola put a hand to some of my friends, but I refused to get a vaccine. Many parents refused the vaccination because they were not given information, ”said Sebastien. “They believed that people who had given immunization were people with Ebola and they would bring them in. I thought when you got the vaccination you got the disease. People said that when you got a vaccine you died. ”

* Name has been changed to protect identity

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