Ethiopia took over 105 businessmen following tax disputes

Adanech Abebe _ tax clearance
Adanech Abebe, Minister for Finance Minister
Sculpture credit: FanaBC

27 February

About 105 businesses are arrested on taxation considered in Addis Ababa.

Adanech Abebe, a minister of income minister, said that more than 135 businesses have been identified for "the rescue of public funds and the imposition of taxes," according to a FanaBC report linked to the state.

His ministry says that the taxation claimed is in 14 billion Birr Aetòpach.

How did he set up his case? The tax ban cases have been established following a review, saying that their ministry, and 57 businesses have been transferred to the crime investigation department and that their case has been prosecuted in court.

64 people have already appeared in court, saying FanaBC on Adanech Abebe says.

She also says that most of the suspects are " Find taxes as retailers and traders. Only 30 businesses are in custody in the retail industry, according to the report.

The Government is working to find out the 14 billion Birr Aetòpach, which is known as being lost to tax fix, according to its # 39; minister. Apparently, it is not spelled as the government plans to return.

Also, it is not clear if the suspects of a lawyer have already been appointed and their part of the story is not reflected in media reports with the state.

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