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He Yang-ho, a designate of Air's chairman as Korean, is dying at 70

SEOUL, Korea, Korean president, who has the line-leader of the airline, introduced a shadow as a nasty spot for "cian rage", as a result of sickness, t 'the Monday company.

Cho Yang-ho had been invested in multi-costs, including jumper and tax evacuation, and his death fell less than two weeks after a voter-in-vote was 70 t Removal from the company board. t .

The company said he had died in the United States but did not put out a bad illness or gave other information about his death. He had also been a chairman, a non-board member, even after having been proposed by the board and expressed his intention to continue with regulation.

The former Co-Cho-Hyun-based daughter of the airline's cabin service was celebrated in 2014 after being struck on the plane's nut rage board. She was sentenced to one year in prison for violation of flying law but was released early when a high court imposed her sentence.

The family also looked at serious criticism after company staff had said they had been abused.

Choice's wife was called out in May last year by police in South Korea to ask about allegations of abuse and attacks on staff.

Lee Myung-hee was accused of being physically or verbally abused by more than 10 former staff and staff of the Korean Korean parent Chojin Hanjin.

The young sister of How Hyun-Hy, who was also involved in a watercolor quiz at a business meeting was also involved.

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