Headquarters clubs hosting speeches with RFU to end upgrade and haul Sport

Headquarters club owners are looking for talks with the Football Rugby Union to go to; finishing up and leaving in the main corner of England.

He was scared about the highest clubs in England that had a mutual impact, but Rugby's league ruler has promised to start on the RFU.

The interim senior officer of the RFU, Nigel Melville, indicated the intention to welcome her & her; The main service of this season is a "thoughtful thought" in December.

But English high-speed airlines agreed at the board of the board of Michael Michael's monthly Regiment for a meeting with RFU leaders.

"Our main goal is to deliver long-term financial sustainability for professional rugby in England," said the Premier President's Rugby spokesperson.

"Right now is the right time to sit with the RFU, which is our partners within the Professional Games Agreement. We will return to the next meeting of the Rugby Board Main level-level on April 9th ​​with refurbishment.

"These crucial discussions are about deciding the most effective structure for the best of their game in England. They need to be organized, fair and the longest solution to rugby England. "

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