Holly Willoughby Dewar followed by Guest Morning changing from hell

Today's television production of Holly Willoughby will be in tears flooded today of the day This morning after life has been very wrong.

Throughout the show Holly and his criminal partner Philip Schofield were committed to watching fans looking forward to getting them ready for a school re-enactment.

Finally, Carol – who was named with her beautiful cnuill – Pete – was chosen to go through the transformation, but the spirit has started to become a dream come fast t these bad dreams.

Poor Carol pulled out her shirts and made her new blonde locks, decorated in a narrow cavity, big dimension, pink pink clothes and white shoes.

It is fair to say that the two runners reported the result, but that they were so comfortable by telling Carol how amazing she was – just to enter tears and tell the team to stop filming. Ouch.

When asked what the case – I mean, it was very obvious – she admitted that she wasn't feeling the clothes and didn't want to be part of the living experience. -non.

Holly was left in floods after the revival was severe. Credit: ITV
Holly was left in floods after the revival was severe. Credit: ITV

An exciting story – Lisa Snowdon – who had helped with the modernization – was very scary but Adam just accepted it wasn't as she looked.

And although Holly told the supporters that were feeling enough that there were many other clothes, Phil says they would have to wait, as they had been put on board in a restaurant in a restaurant. London.

Holly saved her that there were plenty of other clothes to choose from the stair.

It is obvious that the whole artist feels that professor Holly Holly is going into the floods as Pete and Carol have entered into a car and it disappeared. T only went into the building. As things would not get worse.

Carol did not feel as proud as she had. Credit: ITV
Carol did not feel as proud as she had. Credit: ITV

Rapid representatives told Holly and Phil that they would continue with the exhibition and make the decision that this had never happened.

Then, suddenly, Phil turned to Holly and put April Fool & 39; eagerly, as he told the co-ordinator that this had been a complete problem, and Carol just didn't get the change from a hell who feared Holly.

Trying to stop her team, Holly hid a secret: "I can't tell you, that was so horrible. It wasn't that easy." Before it was introduced to Amy and Presenters were playing both guests.

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