Is this our first sight? Video


Apparently it is like the newest hotter.

The new heating was released by CEO Tesla Elon Musk. So we believe this is our first vision of the design of a true Tesla lorry.

So what exactly are we looking here? It is a 3D version hidden by Tesla software. It is then displayed through a program that will allow it to be treated until we see it from different sides. Even though it can be used to display a nearby lorry while on Autopilot, it looks very familiar.

There is not enough information to say that this is our first sight of the Tesla lorry's shape. Yet the appearance from the heat released by Musk, and the 3D render within the Tesla system itself is immediately apparent. In addition, the image shown by Musk in front of the front of the Tesla truck, and not behind, is now no doubt.

Have a look at the video above and see for yourself. Please tell us what you think this image shows.

Video description:

My good friend and my greedy friend Jasper Nuyens ( have found that 3D is in a pickled lorry which looks very similar to a tight image picking Elon at Model Y.

Tesla also uses the Model S model to display other cars on the dash. This image may not, however, be a general picture of a general rubbish, but a real view of a pickled lorry that we will have to see later this year.

Looks like a reasonable prospect.

Tesla will officially unveil their electronic lorry this year.

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