Judgment reflects Trump's election for US Federal Reserve.

The commander, leader of the British Federal Reserve, Stephen Moore, was elected by the US President, Donald Trump, a new criticism on Friday, by the General Democrat, Elizabeth Warren, who was unable to speak for him. T to be in that role.

PHOTO FILE: The photograph of the Federal Federal Board building on Avenue Avenue can be seen in Washington, W., 27 March, 2019. REUTERS / Brendan McDermid / File Image / Image t

Economists and other commentators have expressed concerns about Moore, a persistent economic commentator, and the nomination of another Trump loyalist to the Board of Fed Governors, serving on the non-indigenous bank; traditionally.

Warren, a Democrat who runs to challenge Trump in the 2020 election, said Moore "a long history says there are totally inaccurate economic policy applications that serve heads of government. T institutions. "

“Americans should have the confidence to have a commander … … t

Warren named examples where Moore's economic claim reflected conflicts with other research or Moore's earliest recordings. She included a multiple choice questionnaire asking if he still had previous ideas, commenting on himself as “he is not an expert on money policy.” T

Moore did not reply immediately to an e-mail that was seeking comment.

Moore, and other Trump nominee, Herman Cain, who has been a former food chain executive, is striving for both empty places on the Fed's Board of Governors, positions that would give them a voice on years of policy on interest rates and bank control. t

Researchers say that Moore has sometimes been described as a “hard money” advocate. In 2015 he announced that the Festival's emergency policies were “increasing our tolls. We need to get rid of the Federal Reserve and move to gold status in this country.” T

The tolling in 2015 was a six-year rise in value against a basket of foreign money. Moore now says that he wants to cut interest rates, which may normally be the currency.

It's also been said that he had changed his mind about gold status and suggested that a Fed policy be linked to a goods register, which he said had been used by Vice-Chairman Paul Volcker. Volcker did not use a rule like that.

Warren sent another letter to Cain, a previous candidate for a Republican presidency, also stating that he was unsuitable for the position.

The ability to speak Cain seems to be in a problem like that of several Republicans, who have required their votes in order to prove that they have already been opposed.

No name was formally nominated to the Assembly but Trump has said he will put forward his names.

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