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Ky. Who refuses to vote in the health sector

Ky. Who refuses to vote in the health sectorAlex Wong / Getty Images

(CNN) – Kentucky student sits at his local health department after having banned students from vaccinating not being vaccinated at school and taking up vaccination. Outwith school.

Jerome Kunkel, an professor in Our Lady of the Blessed / Starting Heart Academy in Walton, Kentucky, refuses to get the chicken box vaccine, citing his Christian faith, reciting CNWT affiliation to CNN. He and the father tell them that they are discriminating because of religious beliefs.

Last week, the Northern Kentucky Health Department announced that all students in the school who are not students have the “evidence of immunization or proof of immunity from the field). school to 21 days after breast setting began for the last sick pupil. or a member of staff. "

This also affects the school's sport and leisure activities, which have been postponed to prevent the spread of the illness to schools and other places.

Jerome Kunkel told the station that he is upset about the health department's decision, especially as it has an influence on his basketball season.

"It will be a marvelous thing that I cannot complete the year I am basketball, as our last games. I mean you are going through the t four years in secondary school, playing a basketball, but you're looking forward to your oldest year, "he said.

The virus is very inflammatory and causes a tumor like a blog, chicken, tiredness and fever, according to the US Centers for Control and Prevention of Illness. It can spread by connecting or breathing in virus items. It can be particularly bad for babies, pregnant women and people with a weak immune system.

In response to the Kunkel legal case, the health department said: "The recent actions taken by the Kentucky Northern Health Department in relation to the purple of Our Lady the Academy resulted in a Heart / Commencement Academy t Respond directly to public health risk and it was considered appropriate and appropriate to respond to this disease. "

Bill Kunkel, told Jerome's father to WLWT, that he doesn't believe in the germ vaccine and is "trying to push us." He told the station that they were facing anti-war t special vaccine as he thought it was coming from the "entrusted body".

"And of course we are Christians, we are opposed to abortion," Kunkel said.

Chicken vaccine does not come from the urinated body. A number of vaccines are made in cells which are descendants of some of the roots passed down several decades, continuing with the Catholic Biology Center.

“Since then the cell lines have grown independently. It is important to note that cells are not the descendants of the child 's cells. They themselves, themselves, were not of the victim's group, "according to the National Catholic Biology Center. T

Some Catholics are worried about given vaccination from connected cell lines to stop and work this matter up the way up to the Strategic Academy of Life at the church.

"One is exempt from the use of the vaccine regardless of any historical association with the condition, the reason being the risk of public health, if a person chooses not to vaccinate, to prevent them from being immunized. T the more legitimate concerns of the vaccination are more important, "according to the National Center for Catholic Biology, whose messages from the Catholic Church qualifications come. t “This is especially important for parents, who have a moral responsibility to protect the lives and health of their children and those around them.”

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