Mobile operators plan for 5G world without Huawei

A trading agency for global mobile communications companies could be able to; Considering the possibility that Huawei technology is derived from major markets because large-ranging communications across the world have a major regulatory scrutiny.

The Spéciale Groupe Travel Association (GSMA) represents 800 mobile jobs and 300 associated communications companies. His general director has written to his members what they are saying to be; considering the world that is limited by Huawei when they meet in Barcelona at the end of the month, reciting.

Huawei has acquired at least 25 commercial contracts for the 5G generational infrastructure, but companies such as Deutsche Telekom have said they are preventing it from being suspended. 5G cover left behind competitors.

The news will contribute to the problems of Huawei, currently with the EU's active arm, and # 39; A major deterrent to the 5G infrastructure designed by Huawei, out of security security fear China could use.

U.S., Australia and New Zealand have already blocked a Chinese device completely, with British information organizations still unhappy about Huawei gear installation.

Huawei fires on many sides, with the US. a & # 39; announces its chief financial officer for bank fraud regarding Iran-made matters, and a company liaison is linked to theft of commercial credits from a wireless U.S. operator.

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