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Moon and Me: the new children's TV show from the generation behind Teletubbies Television and radio

WI have not even started to watch Moon and Me, the new CBeebies have been in & # 39; featured by creator Teletubbies, Andrew Davenport, and has already been a hit in our house.

"I need the same thing! I need the same thing!" Wanting my two-year-old daughter, focusing on a small image profile of the show characters – Pepi Nana and Baby Baby – although he & # 39 ; download for our test screening. Before I have time to explain her again the difference between "need" and "wanting" (yourself needed food and oxygen, only you want to throw my screens in the bath), she's dancing on her; topic port, talk to the characters as old friends and their friends; Surprise the big moon that the display will show; going on.

Another child is moved! Just how does Davenport do this? Sadly for those who are looking for childcare quickly, the answer seems like this: amazing wonder and a lot of rigorous research.

For Moon and Me, Davenport, 53, worked with the University of Sheffield to develop a project in which cameras were set up across a toy, so they could watch their life while they were a toy playing with.

"It was like Big Brother's house but with toys," it's a smile.

In the Night Garden has everything, but with a more important sense ... Moon and Me.

In the Night Garden has everything, but with a poem … Pepi Nana and Mr Onion in the Moon and Myself. Picture: N / A / BBC

The spirit showed an interesting mental mind – mind with a staircase, and demonstrating that a party is not a better party than a tea party. Such things recited the statement of Moon and Me, inspired by blackhouse tales Godden Rumer and Enid Blyton in the 1930s and 40s. It's a toy in Pepi Nana that comes to life when it comes to; moon out (and her owner is asleep). Moon Baby will visit them from the moon and, where some people can go to; think hospitality is unhappy, awakens to & # 39; rest of the toy with a frightened African pain. He then goes them to Storytelling and song story. The whole thing keeps the magic mouth In In Night Garden, but there is a more traditional and older feeling.

It's hard to think that it's causing the same Teletubbies attack when it arrived in 1997. Back the tables of the boards were back to it; Turning a child's kidney games, or that sparkling geese messages (Tinky Winky's behaviors – shock)! – handbag). The locals were hosting initiatives. Helicopters would fly over the field in which the film was made, with photographers on board hoping to do it; show the opponents' face in the dress. Visitors need to have the set bent with blind, for fear of removing the place.


The child shows that he has suffered a lot of stress … Teletubbies. Photograph: BBC

"We have not just prepared for that kind of interest," said Davenport. "Relationships were accessed to a door, which is a fascinating place to thank the pre-school children's television program. And the show made her own sense in a & # 39; a culture that was somewhat inconsistent, which was in a bad state, but it meant that much was said about it was not true. "

When Davenport wrote In the Night Garden, a peaceful and peaceful situation was animated as a way of guiding children to bed, it was preserved for more animation. But the same drama came when the BBC tried to move the broadcasting time – the show was so popular with parents that it had been an essential part of its standing time.

That has not stopped people who add wild meaning to the show. Buzzfeed B & B; on the "surrealist ofgy of sex and death" group, which seems to be a large extent that the demand was; most of which is sometimes focused on Upsy Daisy who, shake her captain. In other places online, someone has built an ambitious theory that the whole exhibition is dying in the Iggle Piggle mind, which is a sailor seated at sea. Did Davenport hear that one?

In the Night Garden.

Surrealistic order about sex and death? … In the Night Garden. Photograph: BBC / Ragdoll

There is a break. "Er … no. In a word. I do not know if I see that or not! But if you are worried about things like that you're in the wrong business. creative, they write their own scenes and it is clear that there are readings that are not so beautiful, maybe I would not want to know. "

It is astonished if the internet's illegal world, which has embraced culture over the past 20 years since Teletubbies came on land, plays any part of the writing. Davenport says that Moon and Me would have to be easy to use in different formats, and assume that many spectators will have a lot of viewers. watch phones and records. Teletubbies was started as a means of helping children to understand the new world of the screen, but it seems that it is so spectacular compared to today's technology. What does Davenport do?

"I think it's a double sword," he said. "I remember when my young child was young, the first thing he was saying & hello & then, and then I can I have an iPad? And I will not see it again. It has made an impact on seeing it. "

In a way, Moon and Me influence such technology – a play show that does not have a " includes a screen. "The characters are always shown to drag, book read, paint, do things, and do things with hands," a & # 39 ; explains Davenport. "Hands are a key aspect of the show. The toy has more than 500 items and all are made by hand, handheld."

First show of Moon and Me – video

Davenport banned any computing images ("good fighting"), instead of turning to puzzle, animation of movement and home-to-home effects. "Children are very interested in real things," he says. "They can make knitwear, the attachment in the wallpaper, the print on the wallpaper. There is a joy in seeing the message . "

The Davenport backdrop is very skilled: you can see it and spend it interestingly around the Soho top for the short film Mehdi Norowzian Joy (who "inspired" the famous Guinness advertisement – a & # 39; completed in court). And it was once a model for Gilbert and George, after hearing that they were looking for a model with "big eyes". They paid £ 30 money – "which was important back then" – so he found them in the Yellow Pages under "artists" and they gave them a message. George replied, he invited him for tea the next day, and finished out of their same artwork called Eyes. "I've never seen it personally," he admits. "But I have a memory to sit on a train that reads Big Issu's feature, and suddenly I understand that the piece of work I was to & Look at me! "

However, he was the most common degree course in speech sciences that he had; make a bigger impact on the work of the television.

Andy Davenport.

& # 39; The technology is a double & nbsp; … Andrew Davenport. Photograph: Nicholas Dawkes

"Back in the early 90's, many teachers had been television producers and there was a pressure in education," he said. "When I came, the focus was very much on the early years, its first three years of life, where the basic processes are always going to grow – learning to talk, learn how to travel and climb. Everything happens in a very short time, where I am interested in playing and playing. coming. You can really tell what's happening in the way a child plays. "

Davenport's ideas were radical at the time – including Jean Piaget and Noam Chomsky for his amazing stories – but that did not stop people. criticize Teletubbies. Stephen Byers, the school's minister at the time, even said it was a "downside down" of the British culture, due to the fact that language was not easy to understand. "I think the hardness in which it was built was largely lost," he said.

Even now, Davenport is happy to be in & # 39; explain how well it is & # 39; going into his shows. However, despite the scary vision of the unintelligible small minds, it is still getting very annoying before any new program starts.

"The whole thing does not come together just at the last minute, so you do not know how it will go down so that the listeners can."

Because every morning of our interview, my daughter is awakened and asked "Where's Pepi Nana?" Again and then until we put it on, I am going to; I think it's like it's okay.

Moon and Me will begin on CBeebies on 4 February.

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