If you have a smartphone or tablet with a microSD slot and try to contract a 512GB card, this may be the date you finally drew. The microSD 512GB PNite Elite card, which was introduced in June at $ 349.99, lowered down to $ 149.99 (no $ 200) on Amazon today only. This laments her & # 39; The $ 239.99 contract we saw back in December.

The 512GB PNY Elite is compatible with Class 10 / U1 / V10 standards, which is a & # 39; means a minimum writing speed of 10MB / s, although the card maker says that it can support maximum aggregates of up to 90MB / s. With 512GB of resources, this microSD card can up to 80 hours of full HD video (1080p) or 100,000 video recordings at 18MP. Operate media storage and play, but find a higher class card if you're thinking of running apps off.

Talk on here, Today's Design also has a & # 39; including microED PN12 Pro Elite 512GB card for $ 179.99, usually $ 100. This card, which has been announced the last month, is & # 39; Compliance with Class 10 / U3 / V30 standards, which means a minimum continuous writing speed of 30MB / s. PNY says that it can reach up to 100MB / s reading speed and a 90MB / s speed speed. A2 has an app performance class, which allows you to store and run mobile apps quickly.

These are just two of the Amazon's currents on PNY materials. Look at the full list to find out on USB 2.0 and 3.0 drumming USB drives, 240GB 2.5 "SSD within SATA III, and more. As of publishing, less than 15 hours ; leave you before these services come out, so take action quickly you are interested.