Rogue A.I. Sons Orders Drama Pilot, Single Madness & Adam & Eve & # 39; – Miscellaneous

Fox has organized pilots for the "neXt" and "Adam & Eve" single-cam comedy.

"NeXt" is said to be a soundtrack based on the latest A.I. explored. He is an outstanding Head of advanced technology but a paranoid who joins the Cybersecurity Agency of Scotland and its team to stop the & # 39; The world's first wild emergence: to demonstrate a strong EI with the ability to make continuous improvement.

Manny Coto, formerly working on Fox, wrote as "24" and "24: Legacy," and active output. John Requa and Glenn Ficarra make active produce and their output. Co-guide their photocopy under their Zaftig Films banner. Charlie Gogolak also produces an active product. Fox Television is the 20th of the creation.

"Adam & Eve" is based on the French-Canadian form of the same name. The sequence follows one couple at three stages of their relationship – young and passionate, middle-aged with children, and their sailing on retirement.

Jon Beckerman wrote and active output. Claude Meunier, Luc Wiseman from Avanti Groupe, who created the original series, also made active produce. Fox Television is the 20th of the creation.

These are the third and fourth pilot orders made by Fox today. The previous broadcaster named for a drama from both Will Beall as well as Tom Kapinos.

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