Solicitors trying to & # 39; Increase the use of fluid immunization among the breakdown

Solicitors in the US Representatives House have used public enthusiasm to impose on their behalf; The vaccine has been more extensive for the needle, which has been a threat in the United States.

"What is particularly uncertain is that this is a public health problem and how science has already given a solution: a safe and effective vaccine," said Frank Pallone's Heating and Trade Power Chairman Jr (D-NJ) at the hearing.

The World Health Organization showed what impact was it; He has immunized a vaccine – the riot or refusal of vaccination despite being able to get these medicines – one of the top 10 world health threats in 2019.

In the United States, there is uncertainty about the fluid-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine and its; The decline of one of the recent medical effects, according to Pallone and committee co-workers in both parties. In 2000, a crusher was abolished to the United States, and # 39; means that a prolonged disease transmission has been seen for more than 12 months.

It seems that using its & # 39; vaccine can let her & # 39; regenerated virus virus. From 1 January to 21 February this year, 159 individual cases of conduct were confirmed in 10 United States, according to the Centers for Control and Disease Change (CDC).

"This hearing can help to provide important information to address the questions of some people about the safety of their vaccines," said Professor. Greg Walden of Oregon, the Republican on his committee. "If we do not stop moving down the vaccine, we risk the rehabilitation of its" needle "with its" needle ".

To this end, the survey panel and an examination panel called the witnesses only to two of the country's experts in keeping viruses in a check.

Anthony Fauci, MD, director of the National Institute for Invasive Art and Disease, and Nancy Messonnier, MD, director of the National Center for Immunization and Replicated Diseases of the CDC.

Both Fauci and Messonnier said at the hearing that their MMR vaccine is considered safe. In his certificate, Fauci said that her vaccine is a fluid, when given according to government; Recommended, 97% effective, making it one of the most effective vaccines.

"This truth, together with its excellent safety record, is the very pleasing nature of the disease, and the potentially heavy effects, and emphasize the importance of # 39, is that it does not prevent the crushed vaccine from those who have been identified, "said Fauci.

A Types of Missions of Information

Social media helps to & # 39; spreading concerns about MMR vaccine. The Defender 1 February newspaper gave a statement on how the Facebook search results and YouTube algorithm can guide the vaccine information.

In many cases, there is information about the connection between the MMR vaccine and autism, despite the investigation that has been investigated and failed to find a connection, Fauci said.

"The good news about the internet is that it's spreading information," said Fauci. "It's bad news when there is bad information, it's hard to get off."

In 2004, for example, what is the name of the Institute of Medicine (IOM) decided that there was no evidence of connection between MMR vaccine and autism. A committee of the IOM, now known as the National Medicine Academy today, has examined checks that link to it. He also reviewed work aimed at potential biological devices that could cause the MMR vaccine.

However, autism and MMR vaccine were already linked to many people's minds in America and around the world.

His transport helped with this, with the producer Dan Burton (R-IN) a & # 39; serving as the convener of the theory. It is estimated that it was about 20 listeners to the # 39; case. Burton, who often talked about an grandson, getting autism, a supporter for Andrew Wakefield. B & B was a British lawyer; in Wakefield which was widely reported on 1998 Lancet An article on the relationship between vaccine and autism was brought back in 2010.

At Wednesday's hearing, attestant lawyers and attorneys were informed about parental concerns about the MMR vaccine.

"We should not criticize people who receive this information that is wrong, because they may not know it's false," said Fauci. "We have to try to keep them educated."

Producer Brett Guthrie (R-KY) emphasized the need to build a strong scientific case for those parents, and depend on the work done by the CDC and the National Health Institutions.

"Whatever the decision they do, they do it with love and how much their child is," said Guthrie.

These parents are often expressed by a stream of vaccine safety information, Messonier told the CDC to his joint committee.

"Most parents hear this information and then go to the healthcare provider to help them sort it out," she said. "And most parents in the US still continue to get their children vaccinated."

State Laws

Messonner also noted that she and her colleagues in an American medical community could "be a victim of their own success" in relation to their vaccine vaccination.

"Fewer and fewer doctors and parents have been seeing the great and occasional effects that threaten the life of diseases that can prevent their vaccination," said Messonier. "Due to our success, parents may be surprised that vaccine is sufficiently necessary."

In her certificate, Messonnier noted that around 3 to 4 million squirrels were arrested each year in the United States before the vaccination program started. measles in 1963. Around 400 to 500 died, 48,000 were taken to hospital, and 4000 encephalitis were developed with measles.

Messonner also said that, although 92% of all US patients have 92% of their fluid coverage rates, altogether Getting the first chance of speaking MMR in time. In 2017, there were 11 states where over 10% of young children had not even received any measure of MMR vaccine, she said.

Children may be losing out on a vaccine; measles for several reasons, including a lack of care, she said. In other cases, however, parents are coming to a decision to go to; MMR vaccination is spread.

Memorandum prepared by the Energy and Trade Committee staff gave a note of the extent of a relatively low vaccine in a part of the United States that suffers from breaking.

Only about 81% of 1- to 5 year olds and only 78% of 6 to 18 year olds in Clark County, Washington, had been able to get the appropriate number of age of MMR vaccine at the end of the last year, the memorandum said. Of course, 91.1% of 19 to 35 month-old children across the country have been receiving at least one measure of the MMR vaccine, the memorandum said.

"Unfortunately, case information suggests that the area near Portland has been a range of immunization," said Walden. "Most of these issues included people who did not get a vaccine, and children between ages 1 and 10. a & # 39 ; most of the people affected.

By the end of January, Washington was one of 17 states that allow philosophical freedoms that require vaccine requirements for school-age children, according to a report from the National Congress of State Legislatures.

At the hearing, Guthrie noted that these policies meant that "most people can be chosen for any reason."

Many of the states are reconsidering this method, recently from measles and measles, Guthrie said. He noted that California, for example, had completed religious and personal freedoms for vaccines.

However, recently, the Health and Human Services Committee agrees three problems to extend vaccines for mandatory vaccine, the Arizona Republic recited.

"With the concerns raised by the hedgehog in different parts of the country and recent state legal activity, it is appropriate to take this hearing to give more debate and test at a national level," said Guthrie.

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