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Son takes Tottenham CL above Man City after Kane is wounded

OUTLOOK Mac Heung-min left the result by noting that Harry Kane stopped taking 1ot off Manchester City with Tottenham. and the first part of the League's first cards.

Twenty minutes after Kane moved away with the famine where he was spotted, Netted starred in the 78th minute to miss a runner-up in a competition from January.

Having passed the right hand from Christian Eriksen, the first object he passed over the line really put him right, but he just kept it in game. South Korea then broke the ball back and defeated Fabian Delph's challenge before hitting a low point under Ederson's gamekeeper.

McIntosh also introduced Tottenham's first match at the new stadium last week and has 18 visits in a season which saw him losing time to take on South Korea's role at the Asian Games. T August and an Asian Cup in January.

If Kane has a long interface on the sidings, Mac has already shown that he is able to represent the 24-hour target.

Kane lost seven games in six weeks, with remnants damaged by knocking out in January and February – a time when Mac goal four goals.

Hugo Lloris banned Tottenham from taking the first goal at the new stop when he saved a penalty in the 13th minute from Sergio Aguero after Danny Rose skipped Raheem Sterling with her hand. .

In a heavy game, the Premier League camanachd between the obvious sides. City is defeated for the runner-up title, 16 points ahead of Tottenham's side to touch the fourth and final place in the Champions League for the next season.

This was Tottenham's first fourth quarter in the European football competition in eight years – the last time the Champions League match had been on this site in north London t before the team had to play at Wembley while the new house was built.

The village last reached the last eight last year but was sent out by Liverpool. The Juergen Klopp side tries to stop a second straight walk and to beat Porto 2-0 at Anfield at the next leg of the night.

On Wednesday, Manchester United holds Barcelona and Juventus at Ajax.


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