The highest TPLF executive offered to resign Raya, Democracy

In what seems to be a sign of divisions on identity issues, among other things, Zagid Abraha is resigning within a TPLF party situation.

Zadig _ TPLF_ is retired
Zadig Abraha
Picture credit: EBC

5 February

Zadig Abraha, one of the chief chief executive of Tigray Liberal Face (TPF), gave a letter of office to the group.

He told Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) that he is resigning to Raya's identity question and democracy.

In terms of the democracy question, Zadig says that TPLF does not have a & # 39; led the democratic change of ownership and even it is against that at the time.

The other reason for his retirement is that TPLF is going to a powerful dimension to the question of the identity of the people of Raya to be with "his brothers Amhara's brother," and " describes the EBC.

It is still unclear if his party has answered Zadig's question. TPLF has been a strong anti-policy policy against the Raya people since the identity question had been the case; bend down for decades to the surface.

As a result, at least two ducks were killed since the start of movement, it is believed that hundreds are imprisoned and many local people flee from the area to prevent harassment and strengthening measures.

The department also looks at a identity issue over Wolkait, a part of Gonder that was introduced to the Tigray division after 1991.

Some campaigners from the Tigray area are continually increasing; send a word to the Raya question that does not & # 39; happening with the Wolkait question.

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