The National Liberal opponent of Ogaden (ONLF) was officially disarmed

The Ogaden Liberal Face campaigners (OLNF) are now in the hands of Somali's regional state. They are integrated into the regional security structure.

ONLF _ combatants
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February 8,2019

Ogaden Liberal Face campaigners (ONLF) have now been officially officialized in service scheduled in Somali, capital, Jijiga.

The regional government has committed the introduction of ONLF campaigners into the department's security structure. ONLF has brought over 1,740 campaigners to government, according to a report by FBC.

Divisional government officials, directors and ONLFs in the department are serving the service.

Mohammed Mustefa Umer, president of activity in the area named among many of Ethiopia as a leading politician, said that ONLF's military is an important chapter for peace and development in the area.

Yesterday, a state-of-the-art departmental defense council of 12 members has to be put into force in relation to human rights; broke some time in July and August 2018, and corruption. Out of which 6 are already in custody while the rest are considered to be overseas. The old district president, Abdi Illey, is in custody and is paid last week in a federal court in the capital of Addis Ababa.

ONLF rebellious forces were based in Eritrea and returned to Ethiopia about two months ago after their Prime Minister's administration, with Abiy Ahmed, challenged groups to return to the country and to her; continue to fight peacefully.

Observers say that there has been a recent shift from ONLF and their support for the continual change in the country; represents the new focus of the groups on peaceful political struggle. ONLF has certainly expressed an interest in a continuing political struggle in a peaceful way.

Ethiopia's knowledge is linked to challenging groups that invite the nations for a peaceful struggle. For example, the Oromo Liberation Face, a radical nationalist political group, disbanded after relinquishing the country and was ordinarily hosting a de facto government in the west of the country – to attract improvement Ethiopia to what is now like a short civil war.

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