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The rest of body weight before the age of 50 relates to the risk of increased mortality for pancreatic cancer

Although pancreatic cancer is relatively unusual, involves just over 3% of any new cancer, it's a very rare type of cancer. In the USA, pancreatic cancer is the third cause of cancer death, after lung and colorectal cancer, and is expected to cause about 46,000 deaths in 2019.

“Levels of pancreatic cancer have been increasing rapidly since the early 2000s,” said lead author, Eric J. Jacobs (American Cancer Society, GA, SA). “We are haunted by the increase because smoking is a major factor in the collapse of pancreatic cancer. ”

“People tend to add more weight to the US population, but previous studies have shown that too much pressure is linked to just a small increase in risk, which seems not to be serious enough for a recent increase in pancreatic cancer rates, ”Jacobs continued.

In this study, researchers wanted to find out whether there was a stronger link between excess weight measured earlier in adults and which overweight age.

The researchers examined data from 963,317 adults without a history of cancer recorded in the nationwide survey of cancer deaths started in 1982 and followed partners during 2014; Pakistan's II study of the American Society of America. At the beginning of the inspection, all participants told their weight and height. This included some young people as 30 and some in the 70s or 80s. The Group Mass Index (BMI) was then calculated from this information.

During their succession, 8,354 partners of pancreatic cancer died. As might be expected, BMI had a higher connection to the higher risk of dying from pancreatic cancer, but this increase was most at risk for the BMI assessment at earlier ages. Jacobs noted that although the research was just about deaths from pancreatic cancer, the disease is always fatal, so results are expected to be similar to those for new pancreatic cancer.

The results suggest that too much pressure could increase the risk of death from pancreatic cancer than was previously thought. In addition, the researchers recorded that recent generations arrived in early medieval age with increasing importance of previous generations. This shows that too much weight will explain the greater risk of pancreatic risk in the future.

It is interesting to note that Jacobs believe that 28% of all deaths in pancreatic cancer in the Americans were born between 1970 and 1974, compared with only 15% of Americans born in the 1930s. T much more likely to be fat at mid-medieval. Thus, it emphasizes the importance of stopping too much pressure before the average age of pancreatic cancer to decrease.

“Our results strongly suggest that recent increases in the pancreatic cancer rates should be discontinued, we need to do better to prevent overweight in children and younger adults. , a contribution which would help to prevent a number of other diseases, ”added Jacob.

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