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Thus, the image of the Mekonen Race at Harar Hospital was destroyed by radics

Hararge _ Ras Mekonen

12 February 1920

As Ethiopians celebrate a new image of the Emperor Haileselassie I took up in the African Union president, Mekonen's Ras (Haileselassie's father) in Harar was destroyed by a hospital.

Image of Ras Mekonen _ Harar Based on social media news that has been confirmed (photographs are widely circulated), the event today took place in one of the multi-cultural towns in Ethiopia in Harar, in the southern part of the countryside .

The Mekonen Race car was hit by a car and laid down.

Observers believe that political groups have been able to; affecting anything with radical view against Etetia.

Dr. Mesele Terecha is a historian. He wrote in today's modernization (in Amarharic), "The thing I can tell you is to prove that the image of the Prince Ras Mekonnen in the old Misrak Arbegnoch hospital, now in Jugel's hospital, which has not been hit badly. Because I worked there, I looked at the wickedness that I had seen. "

For most of the Ethiopians in social media, what is happening is that? damaging the profile of Prince Raskon Mekonen to do something with national groups radically.

Similarly-looking groups have been working on social media pictures that mocked the new image of the Haileselassie emperor.

In the last few days, radical nationalism has been showing a sense of hatred of the image of the emperor Menelik in the middle of Addis Ababa. Sometimes there were even calls to destroy it.

Harar's town administration did not mention the profile of Prince Raskon Mekonen and it is unclear if the administration of the " Town is selected in the background in the same or not.

Origin pictures: Social Media

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