We should be able to output & # 39; believe to build the country

PM-Abiy-Ahmed 5 February, 2019 (Ezega.com) – First Minister of Aetopia Abiy Ahmed was the guest of the parliament, where he had a question and response session with the legislators. The Prime Minister once again said he was true of his reform ideology when he set out a management partnership to take up criticism because of nation-building.

"Many of the political parties have returned home from around the world, about 20 of them, who can not get involved in any political work in the last 15, 20 or 30 years , some 40 years old, this is a major influence for this parliament, "said Abiy.

According to its prime minister, the country should not be banned from a & # 39; Achieving a reform agenda, which offers a way forward to the country.

"If we argue a lot about the problems that are linked to the political parties to our country, we lost the big picture. We have no challenging party outside the country. There is no medium excluded from the country. We do not have essential media based on the outside of the country. Everyone is back. This is all the result of changes and changes, "said the prime minister.

Since taking office, Abiy Ahmed has set up a series of reforms; including a re-joining of challenging leaders involved in external, non-related organizations, and the publication of challenging supporters. This is why the Prime Minister is aware of the place of criticism in the future of the country's shape.

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