When it comes to brains, women have no huge benefit that scientists can not explain – BGR

When someone comes to an adult, the brain is the biggest. As age is going, human brakes tend to A slight decline from their highest level, and something that was known for a while. However, there is a big difference between men and women in the "age" brain because we all become older.

In a new study published in the & # 39; National Academy of Sciences Events, researchers from the Washington University Medical School in St. Louis explains that they are & # 39; trying to be younger than males even though both ages are the same age. But what is particularly interesting is that scientists have been able to work out how bigger they were; of male rash.

The researchers, led by Dr. Manu Goyal, closely examined the ways in which there were more than 200 people in searching for answers. The partners were different from the age of 20 and 82. The team examined the brain of everyone who utilized scans that gave an understanding of how big & There were oxygen and glucose that the members used. Given this measure to researchers the metabolic "age" of brains, which could then be compared to everyone's age.

When the team released the numbers they discovered that the standard age of their brakes in women at a 3.8 year old age was lower than those of the same ages.

The data was consistent across its board, and it is clear that there is an important difference between men and women's armies. However, it is not yet clear what media play is a place. The researchers have confirmed that male brains are a reaching the three to four years earlier than female brains, and that variety is carried throughout their lives. Further research is needed on why, and whether it may be important to investigate disease such as Alzheimer's.

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