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Le Jamie Wells, M.D.

Dr. Jamie Wells, MD, FAAP, has won the award-winning surgeon of the Board for more than ten years of writing; Experience of patient care and the Medical Director of the Americas Council on Science and Health. She was a Clinical Teacher / Attending NYU Langone, Mt. Sinai-Beth Israel and St. Vincent's Medical Centers in Manhattan. Dr. graduated Wells from honorary honorary to Yale University, as a youth president and Jefferson Medical Honor Society at Jefferson Medical College, and again named Super Doctor New York in the NY Times supplementary to record a & # 39; 5% surgeons in more than 30 medical specialties as their peers choose.

A valuable national scholar, Dr. Wells was celebrated for his early academic excellence when he was elected by the Center for Excellence in Education (CEE) for his prestigious Institute of Research Science (RSI) and was featured as one of the twenty high high school student in the country in SA AN-DIUGH where their scholarship is available. At Yale, she was President of Yale's Science and Engineering Society, an increase in American Studies and was involved in media and film, last year's cost of her & # 39; investigate her tall essay with the title, "Ebola: Making a Epidemic" – a & # 39; The energy research of the government, political, public health and media health devices and the desire to work in a conventional when there is a general economic responsibility. In a medical school, he held several prescribed leadership and roles (such as Editor Editions of the school paper and the editing of records for & forthcoming Board & Records) & # 39; creating advisory and tutorial programs and following a number of volunteering activities that had been carried out; school attendance and Philadelphia local communities. During this time, she researched for the Department of Remedies at the University of Pennsylvania University's Medicine School to promote a deep brain of patients with patient patients with Essential Tremor and Parkinson's Disease.

She was a grant review for the Komen Community Grant Program for 2018-2019 and has judged local, area and world competitions for F.A.S.S.S. Dean Kamen. (For Inspiration & Recognition of Science & Technology) as well as the American American teenage student competition, where he was recently named and subsequently elected as a member of the Board of Directors. Dr. Wells on Comhairle Wistar Institute Leadership (the first independent independent research facility of the country and a prominent cancer center) and is a Visitor of the Independent Women's Forum. She has awarded her an American Compensation Doctors Award, the Patient Choice Award (patient's honor to less than 3% of 720,000 active home remedies) and has been recognized for her Special care for those people with Cystic Fibrosis. Dr. Wells is named as a Matrix of Excellence who describes the world's leading doctors who have succeeded in their role. For most of ten, she responded to the online medical studies for the Boomer Esicason Cystic Fibrosis Foundation website in a section entitled the title DR. DR. WELLS.

Anyway, it has been published, for example, in the prestigious Neoreviews magazine for a case that includes a nearby child drowning through a US birth of US diplomacy about the confidentiality of confidentiality of US diplomats in Cuba or in Huffington Post in response to Dolce & Gabbana's controversy or 10 ways to Save your Life or Love, it is a long time to live in a & # 39; Understanding science and health for all people. It empowers others to become their own advocate in healthcare and has given lectures to listeners from mothers who are in the process of being able to make their own. growing and parental organizations to undergraduate, talk on panels and their. Emphasis on education to patients under their care. Believing she wanted to be a brain surgeon, she began to be in a position; First living in a surgery, and going to change areas to a parent. As a result, her knowledge is good in the medical department and has sought many media knowledge.

Dr. Don 's biggest resource Wells produces complex material for people in an unhealthy, often funny way. His idea as a medical expert is featured on local, national and international television programs hosted by CNN, Fox National News Channel, ABC News, BBC, Reuters, Al Jazeera TV, NY 1 , CBS, TLC, Fox Business Network, Fox 5, Parent Shop, CUNY TV, My 9, TV Start and so on display in an hourly display on Discovery Health and, Ultimately, Radio Sirius for Martha Stewart; live. She is a major advisor to the health benefits of animals and was confirmed by Bulldog English, Mollie Joe, a funeral as a medicine team.

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