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The independent AV-Test test institution has examined 16 business virus scanners. The protection areas, system management and practice were evaluated.

AV-Test has updated and published its test results for 16 final security solutions for Windows 10. It has been tested in the three security categories, system system and usage. It has the highest score 6.0 units of each category. Overall, 18.0 points were awarded.

AV test test 16 marks of business virus terms. Here's a decision here to protect protection, system system and use.

The "protection impact" section was held in two test races with around 15,000 pests. In circulation, a study of zero day pests was explored. The second test set is used to use a set of known malware test to monitor the protection effect. In this area, every solution was positive and achieved – except for Eset Endpoint Security – every 6.0 point. But the Eset solution was just a half point behind the competition.

In chapter two of the test series, the system is checked. Twelve of the 16 test solutions achieved at least 6.0 or 5.5 units. Two other programs were awarded 5.0 meters with AV-Test. Despite disappointment, however, the 3.5 points at Sophos Endpoint Security.

Third and final – use – the solutions needed to show how they affected the user at work. The best results were found in programs that did not understand their work in the backup. Amongst other things, cheat and download checks were explored. In this section AV-Test was able to verify the solutions very good or good results. Almost all 6.0 or 5.5 counts. Just behind with 5.0 valuation units only the solution within Microsoft and Traps from the Palo Alto Network. Finally, the Seqrite Line and Endpoint Security line with 4.5 points.

Endpoint Protection Test: Five Resolved Estimated # 1

The center of the podium in the entire comparison was divided into these five solutions. Above all, Symantec with his two Response Protection Endpoint and Cloud Protection Protection, Kaspersky Lab with his solutions Endpoint Security and Small Office Secruity and Trend Micro with Office Sann. All of these solutions were fully filled with 18.0 counters.

There were no real negative problems in the current test series. The Canal reached Palo Alto, Seqrite and Sophos finally at least 15.5 points.

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