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YouTube Music covers 3m downloads in one week in India

Leaders of YouTube, including President Susan Wojcicki and world music president Lyor Cohen, in India were celebrating in their YouTube Music launch there, naming the app downloaded 3m. T once a week. (In contrast, Spotify said that 1m people had signed up for the service during the first week of campaigning in India.) T

At the heart of media, Adam Smith, VP, co-ordinates its products in YouTube, some statistics that are unique to the country because it sent “one of the fastest growing markets on YouTube”. There are currently over 230m YouTube users in the Indies – although it is expected that the company will publish the latest figures today (9th April) – where DAUs have grown by over 100% per year. year. Smith also said that India is a “mobile market” where 80% of the time you watch YouTube takes place on mobile devices. He added that 60% of “watching” view “occurs outside the six metro areas”, as expressed by the Head of Indian audio audio service Gaana to Ally's music t from the townships "Tier II, III and IV". .

In a distribution shared today, Wojcicki said India will expect to have 500m internet users who will use the online video by 2020., in 2019 t , generally a fifth of entries on the Global Top Songs entries featured Indian artists, ”according to Cohen.

A recent report by the Indian & Industrial Commercial Chambers Alliance expects the Indian music market to grow from Rs 14.2bn (circa $ 207m) last year to Rs 19.2bn ($ 280m) by 2021. He also said that he did 83% of the income in India is from digital and, of these, about 40% come from YouTube. He thought that only 1% of country music fans pay for subscription.

There is also a price war that breaks down in the country because Apple Music responded to Spotify and YouTube Music in India by hitting the fly. Last week, the IMI industry group said that the India was the 15th largest music market recorded in 2018, up from 19 in 2017, with IMI claiming that “standing is standing”. Indonesia to 2022 ”.

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