Ethiopia's airports hit: the victim of Saudi has been identified


Saad Khalaf Al Mutairi, the father of two, was on the Ethiopia trip
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A flame that transported 157 people after falling after they got out of the capital of Ethiopia Sunday killed everybody on board. There were at least 35 nationalities among the dead, one national Saudi nation was among the dead.

Saad Khalaf Al Mutairi, 36-year-old father and two, father in Ethiopia capital to recruit workers for jobs in Saudi Arabia. His family said he had worked in the King Saud Medical City X-ray division for the past 11 years.

A brother and uncle, a Saudi traveler, killed in the plane crash in Addis Ababa, to help identify his body, his family said.

In an interview with Al Arabiya his cousin said that the body of Saad had not yet been found and that they are still waiting.

Al Altairi, a colleague who works for Sahaj Al Otaibi, who also works as a radiologist in King Saud Medical City, said in an interview with Al Arabiya that his colleague had high morals and was a good friend to work and attend a non-discriminatory patient. or forget "

Saudi Ambassador to Ethiopia Abdullah Faleh Al Arjani confirmed that Al Mutairi was on a hiring trip.

The family will accompany the body as soon as possible, he said.

It was not clear what the plane of the Ethiopian aircraft caused to go down in clear weather. But the catastrophe was very similar to last year's accident as was the Lion Airplane pushed into the Java Java, destroying 189 people. Both sets of doors introduced Boeing 737 Max 8, and it met both minutes after the airborne flight.

The pilot Ethiopia called out a crisis call and was given permission to return to the airport, the airline's Chief Executive said to reporters.

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