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Economic development

    Huda and Saeed Rasha Al-Musallami (Al Ittihad)

Huda and Saeed Rasha Al-Musallami (Al Ittihad)

Mona Al-Hamoudi (Riyadh)

Etihad Airways and Saudi Arabian Airlines have announced that the code-sharing agreement will have expanded in the coming months, giving more benefits to customers. Etihad Airways will be involved in the first international exhibition in Saudi Arabia, to be held in Riyadh, at the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, with the Empire's special Olympics, and the Emperor 100E's Empire 100 Training and the unique exhibition center which enables visitors to discover the wide range of products and innovative services.
“The exhibition represents a chance of some of Etihad Airways and show their innovative products and services in the Saudi market,” said Tony Douglas, Chief Executive of the Etihad Airways Group. He added: The UAE and Saudi Arabia have strong connections, including airfields, and the partnership is supported by collaboration between the two countries in this and other sectors » t .
The "Etihad Airways" partnership in Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, which carries the special Olympics logo, reflecting Etihad's commitment to the Abu Dhabi World Special Games 2019 as an official Olympic flying partner t . "
Etihad Airways offered visitors the opportunity to explore the company's cottage and products and to see next generation Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner with 299 seats scattered amongst 28 studios in the Business class. And there are 271 seats on the economy class. Embraer VINUM 100E Etihad Airways is a pilot scheme to publicize its capabilities. Eddie Training Academy is the first to provide a multi-engine airliner licensing program.
The Etihad Airways mobile unit has helped bring in customers and businesses to the company's creative spirit. The mobile unit is a real model for Iwan's cottage, the only one of its kind in a world commercial airfield sector. Airbus A380 has 3 rooms on a plane. The cable in the mobile unit introduces to Boeing 787 ». The Etihad Airways mobile unit has helped bring in customers and businesses to the innovative Etihad ethos.

Objectives and collaborations
Etihad Airways and Saudi Arabian Airlines have announced that the code-sharing agreement has expanded in the coming months and gives more benefits to customers of the two operators. Under the agreement, both carriers will put the code "EY" and "SV" on trips to 14 destinations, with Vienna being put on this week. In the coming months, Etihad Airways will travel its EY brand on Saudi Airlines to Tunis, Sharm El Sheikh and Alexandria. Meanwhile, Saudi Airlineslines its journey on Etihad's journeys to Tokyo, Nagoya and Baku. Expansion of the agreement follows a steady growth in passenger numbers following the start of the partnership in November 2018. Etihad Airways attracted 16,000 passengers through partnership tours.
"With the range of options available and flexibility in our transport portals with key products and services of the world, we now provide around 150 guests a day to both networks,". said Tony Douglas. We intend to grow this number significantly by extending a code-sharing agreement over the next few months and providing our customers with more benefits. "
"The Etihad Airways coded shared agreement provides greater access and access to different places," said Eng Saleh Bin Nasser Al Jasser, Director-General of Saudi Arabian. By improving the networks of both transport operators, we can offer a wide range of options and visits that serve business and leisure passengers. "
In other sectors, the two operators will collaborate and maintain maintenance and support services. Ethan Cargo has exceeded 23,200 tonnes between the two countries over the past year. .

Training and maintenance
Etihad Airways has also signed a collaboration with Sky Prime, the largest airline in the Middle East. Etihad Airways adds a major customer to the growing customer base in private aircraft maintenance. The agreement allows Sky Sky to collaborate in many areas, from heavy maintenance to support in cabin changes, including engineering services.
Etihad Airways has also signed an agreement with Sky Prime to be its first partner in Saudi Arabia. Under the terms of the agreement, Sky Prime will arrange for full-scale air traffic units including the Etihad Airways Flight Training Company's training and crew team at the Zayed Building with the Abu Dhabi Training Company facilities. The training is to be delivered via approved Etihad Airways and Sky Prime trainers.
Under the agreement, trainers from Etihad Airways will be given access to Sky Sky's trainers, one of the air safety improvement training tools, for one of the training devices available to improve air safety t . Sky Sky's air crew also regularly train in the safety safety training modules in Etihad Airways.

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