EU, Japan and Russia have accessed the fight between Huawei and the US


After being arrested in Canada, financial director Huawei and the founder's daughter, Wanzhou Meng, today, work out the world's powers hard.

Huawei's financial director and daughter of the company's founder, Wanzhou Meng, in Canada, have applied to the United States' demand, a perfect excuse for the world's powers. strength measurement and occupation on either side or on the other. Yesterday, the concepts of Washington and Beijing, today, have led to the rebellion of other laws.

And after China's criticism was sent by the citizen, after the US considered that Huawei challenged Iran's sanctions, today the change has changed closer to Japan.

In the middle of conflicts, the Asian island published that The government leaves Huawei from public offers for cybersecurity issues and for "a global issue of its links with the Chinese government," said government sources to the " Kyodo news agency in Japan.

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Other complaints from a Chinese technology company came from the place European Union. The former European Commission President (EC) said for his & her; single digital market, Andrus Ansip, that the old continent needs "to be worried" and "be scared" by Huawei technology and other Chinese companies as a result of a security brokerage.

"We need to be worried about those companies," said the European Commissioner in accordance with EFE.

And even though Japan and the EU are supporting US in the US; Her war against Hauwei, on the other side? There is nothing more and less than that Russia He joined the Chinese company and criticized Wanzhou to arrest Meng.

Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, asked to end these customs.

"This is a new release on that line which has been rejected by most of the ordinary countries and with ordinary people, The policies that extend national laws, "said Lavrov.

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