Eugenia Vyskočilová Anoškinová, a political prisoner, who died


At the age of 89, on Monday (28 January), the political prisoner Eugenia Vyskočilová Anoškinová died. TASR informed the Society of the World of a former Political Prisoner.

Eugénia Vyskočilová Anoškinová

Source: Nation Memories Institute

Along with her brother in 1952, she helped her friend escape her & # 39; end to arrest and defend her for breach.

"Three months before the end of the sentence, she turned out of her contract, was released from her prison on July 18, 1956. After going to her, Attending the sentence, she began to work as an accountant in Želiezovce, again as a technology in Bratislava, "she is Write about it on The Institute of the Memory of the Nation website.

The full farewell by Eugenius Vyskočilová Anoškinová will be held on Monday 4 February at 15.30 in the Bratislava decline.

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