"Euroblackers" Complaints: documents are blocked


Euroblacker Complaints: Dedicated Monitoring Points

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Roadballs and singing points "Euroblers"

The shortest position is seen on the end with its & # 39; Poland. An interdisciplinary working group was established to solve the situation.

At a number of Czech points at the end of the state, car movements are completely blocked. On Monday, November 26, he reports the Government portal.

In particular, a heavy problem is reported in the following points: Ustyluh, Rawa-Russkaya, Yagodin, Maly Berezny, Shegini, Krakovets, Solotvino, Ugrinov, Grusha, Smilnitsya, Domanovo.

It is noted that the shorter position is set by the end with its & # 39; Poland.

The Border State Service has strengthened security measures, the forces are in addition to the increase.

It is also reported that National Police officers are in places where people have a collection of activities to ensure safety; public and preventing problems, the police communications are working.

A working group was set up to solve the situation. He included a Deputy Minister; Signed in Sergey Yarovoy, National Police Chairman Sergey Knyazev, Chairman of the Territorial Service of the State Pyotr Cigikal, Head of Service Chief Ministry of Interior Interior Affairs Vladislav Krikly, Service Chairman Ukraine Procurator Alexander Vlasov. The first meeting is scheduled for today, November 26.

Earlier, Ukravtodor recorded the roads the stadiums stopped.

How the campaigns were known as the "euroblathers" near the border between Ukraine and its; Poland completely. The corridor is only open at one location.

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