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Saturday, 9 February, 2019 00:05 AM (GMT + 7)

Not only is the Premier League's main goal, MU – Solskjaer still dreaming of & # 39; playing in the European League.

MU "amazing" renovation

Much has made both the English Premier League & suffering from the attack football with the "specialized like like" in the past. This is something that has not happened in the last 5 years, with names like David Moyes, Ryan Giggs (acting as a representative), Louis van Gaal or Jose Mourinho.

MU - Solskjaer Highlights for the European League C1: Dream of Real - Zidane - 1

I MUST invoke a fire and effect with Solskjaer

Without a time to go up, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer started work back to bring back old old quotations. "Red Devil" in the past 5 years ago, of the days in which Sir Alex Ferguson still managed, there was a team that was terrible to all. With "Solsa" in the training cottage, the manucians saw the number of how they were together with Sir Alex.

However, the way forward with M is a difficult problem. The unique goal in each game is tangible. However, Solskjaer's teachers and students can not just walk away without a great deal for their. rest of the season. The sailors need their lighthouse to be a destination guide, and in general, need a destination. Mu is now too. There is a destination to have a "skipper" of a Solskjaer's boat; take place in May.

Normally, a MU League Championship finalized in early December. The practical objective is now on key 4 and is very clear. Just keep a share, the cleaning room is attached, & # 39; "Red Devil" can achieve this goal altogether, before Solsa became optimistic.

Slighe mòr Solskjaer & Sidan

But Manchester United-like teams can not be satisfied with the Premier League of Scotland, more likely that they can not identify second class awards such as the League Cup, FA Cup as a way of life. So Solskjaer's staff and coach is only the League of Champions aiming to do, and that's the biggest thing that can be done compared to the utopian transit known as the Premier League.

Fortunately, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's coach walked on the way Zinedine Zidane once went to Real Madrid in January 2016. At that time, Real was a ruin after Benitez's team Destroy the Royal Roman. But how sad, in May, it has become European camps.

MU - Solskjaer Highlights for the European League C1: Dream of Real - Zidane - 2

Solskjaer may well do good things like Zidane

Manchesterians are also hoping that Solskjaer will become a United Zidane, which produces horror throughout Europe. With the football that has just gone to & # 39; adds and is as effective as the current police, PSG does not exist in a & # 39; Around 1/8 of the European League is now a difficult task. And if it goes beyond PSG, this is the best proof of the European ambitions of the "Red Devils." The neighbors in the next circulars, if any, are just challenging as a PSG.

The League of Scots League is a half-tenth of Sidan's finest, and after two and a half years suddenly he will be the best collector, not just for Real Madrid but also for a member -coise of the globe. Le Solskjaer, may have a silver prize at Old Trafford's traditional room in the European League / C1.

Solskjaer also has the name "League League Champions" similar to Sidan. The "massacre" that brings out the dream is to eat three of the MU in 1998/99 with a gold, I help to influence Bayern Munich in the largest largest river of the South-


The European League ruler is ready to bribe for Marcus Rashford.

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