European leader, who exceeded the boundaries for his films


European leader, who exceeded the boundaries for his films

Bernardo Bertolucci who won Oscar yesterday died at 77 years in Rome

European leader, who exceeded the boundaries for his films

Steering Bernardo Bertolucci Maria Schneider and Marlon Brando in "The Last Tango in Paris". She was 19, Brando, 48, old. Fault, and the popular people and the Oscar film "The Final Emperor". Image: APA / AFP / GETTY IMAGES / VALERIE MACON

"I have finished the end of the movie open so that it's like life itself: incorrectly." For decades ago, Bernardo Bertolucci, who died 77 years ago in Rome, decades ago after fulfilling the work of La Luna, but usually a colorful, luminous work.

A naturally narrative also related to the work of the Italians, who made the director of the European cinema by handwriting. Due to a famous and well-known birth in 1941 in Parma, a poet and film researcher, not only for his art, but also due to the film crackdown drawn to: "The Tango Last in Paris" (1972).

Marlon Brando, "monster"

For this Bertolucci Marlon Brando was set up, who himself "was an angel and a monster actor," as well as Maria Schneider then as a lustwalking couple – with almost 30 years of age and hard scenes . The film was a scandal that was a legal order surrounded in the Catholic Italy and for the director, and including refusing different rights, but the Bertolucci tradition has not yet been deceived. Art must be not only, it also needs to connect to boundaries.

But the Schneider does not know that, as she said later, that the director and the actor did not know without knowing before putting the closest sights, which had caused some assault -group, obedience banned exclusively.

How could this progressively grow on the set? Maybe from Bertolucci's help to "get true, uncertain". The fact is that "just the one in front of her" was interesting. But that also meant Bertolucci was the only Italian film maker as well as Frank Capra (1897-1991), who was honored by the Academy Award in the management department.

He was awarded for the famous work "The Last Emperor" (1986) with Patrick O'Toole, who was donated by another eight gold. So also for the script, also by Bertolucci, who wrote his own film stories in the author's film tradition.

Even the "Last Emperor", who also won the Golden Globe and César na Frainge, Bertolucci was shot with Hollywood. So, "Novecento" (1976), in which the society that looks at Communism, explains the Italian class struggle, awaiting Robert DeNiro. In 1990, "The Sheltering Sky" continued, in which he sent Debra Winger and John Malkovich as a lover, where he loved to see his minds: finding meaning, the place in his life.

Although Bertolucci himself had a sense of words and imagery, drama and production for a number of years, his journey was already directed as a teenager when he killed 16-mm short films at home. The rest was donated by a friend of his father: Director of Pier Paolo Pasolini (1922-1975), who accused him of "Accattone" (1961) as a helper.

Although Bertolucci had a child in the third marriage – from 1987 he was married with co-worker Clare Peploe – he was sure, he was always about three things: the rainwater monoculture, and that is why he loved a series as a "Breaking Bad" politician Silvio Berlusconi and of faith. "It is my own self, and as my co-director, Luis Buñuel, thanked God."

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