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Original title: European League – Aguero breaks the military head 曼 Manchester City 2-2 Lyon ahead of the line

At 4:00 a.m. on the 28th of November, Beijing began a new season of the European League group competition on its fifth visit of the competition, blue moon to Lumiere Stadium to face the third Lyons in Ligue the past season. In the first half, Lyon lost two good goals in front of the goals. At the end of the & # 39; game, the side of the nobles at Corne hit. In the second half, the Korne went to The first one broke it, the free car program for equality, then Korne was involved twice, but Aguero did equal to the score with the beat of the corner, and Manchester City 2- 2 pull the game away. Lyon, a group around the team.

The two teams did not meet once in the European game, this is a & # 39; This season is the first round of the European League group, Manchester City against Lyon, the first season Ligue 1 in the first half by Corne and Fakel The two-goal goal In the meantime, although Bernardo Silva gave the second half out of her home for her & her; blue moon, but the Guardiola team defeated the opponent of Stairrus Etihad 1-2, It is not too big or not. For Manchester City, as long as they are drawn on the road, they can make sure they will; broke into the 16th UEFA Champions League later in the sixth season. If they hit Lyon, they will not make sure they are suited to be appropriate. A & # 39; a wheel; lock its first location of the group.

In the 12th minute, Lyon played a wonderful game on the right. The face against Fei Keer struck Manchester City's defender. Corne was able to give the ball to her; side. Depai, who was convicted in the area of ​​her penalty, was war and lost. A great opportunity to score. Just a few minutes, David Silva passed over straight away, and Sterling went on quickly and got the ball and returned to Mahares near the area line. Leaving Lyon Leopard was taken with his left arm left.

In the 17th minute moment, Manchester City defeated a member in the backdrop. David Silva clarified the member and passed on the Sanne platform forward. The German captain broke the ball and went to the Mahrez fan. The Algerian leg was left by Lyons. The guard spoke to the bottom and went out. In 24 minutes, Depe was defeated by Fernandinho, Lyon had a good opponent in the face, the Dutch was punished personally, and the soldier sent out a bit.

In the 28th minute, Flemish Mendy got a team crew straight, and used the fast advantages to open the Manchester City defender on the left. Then he sent a low passport and stopped the Korne to protect a large and large member. The spectacle falls higher than a crosscourse. In 31 minutes, Corne went on to the wall and Flander Mendi took the ball outside her face; pens and put his right leg to go up to top.

In the 41th minute, Zinchenko received a pass from Sterling and, The left turn left outside the penalty area put on chains far beyond the visit. In the 43 minute, Lyon stopped the back in the back. Fikil got to Depee. The Dutch illness passed just from the left. Corne used outside and hit Manchester City's pillars and junctions. In 45 minutes, Fernandinho went past her; wall and Lopez was rescued by Mahrez's turn on his left from outside his penalty.

In the 49th minute, Manchester City worked on the left, and Aguero went to Sterling, who gave him a right turn out of his side; punishment and the ball lost the right column. In a 55 minute, Lyon made it very fast for free. & # 39; wall behind him and moved to the right. After Korne stopped the wall, the bottom left left an amazing ball member. South Westerly

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