European League: Ajax will move forward in virtual scenes in Athens


Home fans threw a petrol bomb and a screen on the side of Ajax supporters, according to Guinea newspaper. Pictures showed that Ajax fans were struggling with a Greek police and at least two Ajax supporters. leaving bloody.

This brought Ajax Matthijs de Ligt's attack to try to tackle things ahead of the E. Group competition. Then firefighters went out in the second half.

There is no disturbance in the Greek stadium at all.

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In March, the Premier League was suspended for a short time when the PAOK owner, Ivan Savvidis, entered the gun with the gun in the final stages of a 0-0 draw his team opposed the AEK. PAOK's goal was just denied for outside.

After that he stopped three years from football and PAOK was tied to three points.

Three years ago, the league was arrested for a short time when the supporters' problem struggled in the bishop of Athens with the highest crew in ancient Greece, Olympiakos and Panathinaikos.

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Dusan Tadic was hosting Ajax on her & # 39; park on Tuesday, which opened the scoring in the 68 minutes from the penalty spot after a handball and placed the second fourteenth minute later.

Progress in the European championships competition was made more interesting because Ajax – who won one of the last four titles in 1995 – had to go through three trips and empowering & # 39; selling the best musicians.

It is still preserving the biggest league titles in the Countryside, although PSV is a guides Ajax with five points of this season and has been winning in three of the four seasons.

"Ajax has won after winning awards," Tadic was named as the UEFA. "We first set out the aim of the European League – we did so. Then we aimed to reach the next level of the UCL, which we did so good.

"No way of doing it, its goal setting and achievement, in Europe and in the Netherlands. We will do our best in each competition and we will work hard for prizes."

Real Madrid too

Real Madrid may constantly behave but Los Blancos knows how to win prizes in the European League as the three-time defense campaigns.

Real Madrid and Martin's opponents gave a trip into the 16-group tour of G after losing CSKA to Plzen 2-1 in Moscow but the Spanish trick was still in & # 39; 2-0 affiliates meet the final season in the capital of Italy.

As it were, though it was different, Cengiz was different. Rome was not allowed to give gold in the first half of injury. A few yards from the goal and with the keeper of Thibaut Courtois were climbed, jumped to the bar.

Gareth Bale went on to break her & # 39; War was dead just after the time – indicating his bad hits at the European League – before Lucas Vazquez collapsed in the 59th.

Gareth Bale, right, is marked by Luka Modric after scoring for Real Madrid against Roma.

So Real Madrid got lost for her & her; The first time ever before Eibar this weekend – Courtois struggled – in Santi Solari's first match in permanent costs.

But the problems are still going forward for Eusebio Di Francesco Roma. Roma catches 18 incredible points behind Juventus in Serie A and included a Tuesday game behind a terrible 1-0 defeat for Udinese, who was 10 afterwards to The Giallorossi in the league and just burn their manager.

Eight clubs have now been found in the last 16 years: Barcelona – the only team before the war – Bayern Munich, Ajax, Manchester City, Real Madrid, Rome, Juventus and Manchester United.

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