European League: Ronaldo has taken revenge


For his first time on September 19 under the Juventus match in the European League, his "competition", the Portuguese may have been thinking something else than the unexpected red card. This board on Mestalla, because Murillo was not so bad.

After half an hour of play, CR7 came out of the field in tears, leaving his companions to win clearly (2-0) despite it.

Then his arm back three weeks ago against Manchester United then with the Red Devils, 2-1, win winters, and so the Ronaldo's history in the League of Scotland, Europe in Turin is just angry.

But even more than the way he wants to abolish this serious Spanish memory, Ronaldo's response is to name out of his & her; running for her Gold Member who will Watching Tuesday in Turin, where Juventus needs the only point to arrive on the 8th.

The Italian sportsmen were convinced that the biggest trio of the prestigious award was made up of Mbappé, Modric and Varane and clearly made what she was thinking about this stage. "The Portuguese will usually respond, increase the distance of the training and the field, to show those who have noticed it wrong," wrote Turin every day Tuttosport, traditional support of Juventus.

But the Corriere dello Sport, a Roman daily day, was not left out and "Five Golden Balls and an Affront", remembering that Ronaldo, who won fifteen, did not. soup, so far left the podium since 2010.


In response, the Portuguese have been dissatisfied with the new stage Saturday against Spal – the 9th in Serie A, plus five help – and a picture on Instagram providing training on a backdrop of gold spear and with emoji unusual as a story.

Although its star has already been preserved with the objections of the "Fifa / The Best" and "best UEFA" awards, Juventus has mostly been a & # 39; mentions the truth, in terms of giving up the attack.

"Cristiano is not going to win Ballon's Or, I do not know anything about it, but according to what he has done, he is worthy of it," said his coach Massimiliano Allegri, who explained how the Portuguese "increased the level of competitiveness to training".

Fabio Paratici, club sports director, has been a bit longer, and, Believing it was the Madrid "that could be the best in football history."

"Cristiano has assigned 15 visits in the last World War, and many of them were vital and amazing, we know something about it," he said. talks about the wonderful Ronaldo cycling success in the final rounds. The last season in Turin under the mood of jerseys.

"It seems like I'm not surprised that I'm not getting Gold", Paratici finished.

For 2018, it may be dangerous. But even at the age of 33, Ronaldo did not ensure a line with the following.

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