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European numbers: Holland 4: 0 won the twice-time Belarus Depee

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The Dutch team is in the game. (data map)

BEIJING, 22 March, Beijing at the time of 22, Europe of Europe Cup Graduates Group in Rotterdam, Holland at home 4: 0 to take Belarus. Depee sang twice and helped twice. Wiener Dum broke the visit and punished them, and Captain Van Dyck dressed the cake.

Less than a minute after the start of the game, Sitov returned all the gamekeeper's errors, South Deji sent the custodian away in the restricted area and pushed the small area into an empty door. After 1 minute, the Legion Orange scored the out and Dumfries made a cross from the right. Depee took a ball in the middle of punishment. Wiener Dum put his target against 2: 0.

In the second half, Prepp took Druen's place. The Netherlands defeated the victory at 55 minutes, Depe broke into the right of punishment, Wiener Dum was destroyed by Sivakov, and the Italian referee Massa broke a penalty! Depee would be visiting in the bottom left corner, 3: 0.

In the 69 minutes, a team from the Dutchlaind team only played Tate just a minute to get rid of the muscles. They, however, lost the attack in the 86th minute, and Depee burnt to the right of the penalty and the gamekeeper saved her. But he broke the ball and Van Dyck put his head on his ear and gave it 4: 0. (End)

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