Eurovision Romania 2019. List of competitors and parts of the final


The long-standing producer for Eurovision Romania 2019 has been a long time ago. come closer! The competitors were competitive in the production and quality of the pieces and their agents, and offers an amazing spectacle for spectators and spectators. The second half-round is to keep everyone in enjoyment. Unfortunately, a scannel came just before a big day of the two half-term. This all started from a businessman who put PNL in the semi-conclusions of the Eurovision Romania 2019. "Information about a political conference is just after the end of the public television program. Who invented a meeting after 24?

It is difficult that those who have been trying to try it; Initially to be the best way for the local administration to be a Romanian tournament in organizing this show, even for the policy event even in the second time weeks. We are lamenting her & # 39; This idea and we're fighting it! We are also lamenting that some of our fellow citizens have no respect for the efforts of the entire Eurovision team to organize a special show in Arad! ", according to Gheorghe Falcă.

NOVEMBER 23:37 Aldo Blaga is a voter's winner

List of competitors chosen by the jury in the Eurovision Romania final 2019

Those who are the judges chosen by the jury to join the big project:

  • Olivier Kaye
  • Laura Moisescu and Sensibil Balkan
  • Laura Bretan
  • Ester Peony
  • Linda Teodosiu

Eurovision 2019: Observers in the main final

In the half-finals of Iaşi, the 6 competitors went to Bucharest, and now, the second half-round, from Arad. It is a decision The most recent artists to go to Tel Aviv at Eurovision 2019. "High Heels On" is a piece that reminds us that life is more than work and an ambition. So make sure your story is " He welcomed the Echos artist before the final.

Eurovision will host its wins to Israel in the # 39; final
Eurovision will host its wins to Israel in the # 39; final

"I was happy that my mother was, who accompanies me too manage everything and my manager, agree me and gave me confidence. A few days later we came ashore in Chicago from Chicago and recorded the picture in the studio. He knew what happened later. What we see, " Laura Bretan said, before the second Eurovision 2019 prize.

Here's a list of the competitors lost in Arad's two communications:

  • 2 Gents-Ielele
  • Georgy-Tears
  • Olivier Kaye-Right Now
  • Xonia-half
  • TMW-Make me your person
  • Johnny Bădulescu- East
  • Aldo Blaga-Your Tour
  • Leises Moisescu & Balkan Sensible-D A I A N A A
  • Laura Bretan-Dear Father
  • Ester Peony-Air Sunday
  • Linda Teodosiu-Renegades
  • Echoes-High Heels Air

"As in Iasi, in the Arad Sports Hall we have HD graphics, 150 square meters of LED screens, 200 prestigious lights, 360 degrees open to the green room and the view. It's the same situation, just that we have 12 very good competitors. Other graphics, other filming. The competitors team up to the recommendations, which brought us into the overall vision, have been developed. We hope We have made even more softer than they expected. Production is a huge benefit and we hope everyone will be delighted with our showcase shows on Sunday, Dan Manoliu, leader of the Eurovision 2019 competition leader.

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