Evelin Gáspár will start a new business


Gábor Evelin 25 years old, and & # 39; It may be the face of the only man who enters a girl who is Passive exhibitionshe was still a teenager – there was a lot of variations about being too heavy. The years passed, Evelin lost weight and graduated with a degree in finance, and now she has gone to an open restaurant – indeed, with Roma food. Bors said:

I would like to have a restaurant based on a Gypsy kitchen where one can know our food. There is no such food, street food is really cool, it should go on. I am a dream about a place where experts can experience traditional food, fat, or even vegan food. I'm a vegetarian myself, but in most restaurants I can only order a garnish. They would be refurbished for the kitchen, but also traditions

He explained to the paper and said he had only his capital to realize his opinion. He said he did not want his father to get money, he wanted to do it, and he noted that he wanted to serve people.

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