Even if a car & a business; falling … The work union that opposed the construction of a car factory for 23 years


If work-related work rights are not left, their business will not fall.

▲ In the evening of January 31, Kia and Hyundai Unions will be in front of Gwangju Town Hall and protest against the work of the Gwangju type, and are involved in the enlargement of the expanded rooms and a news conference. Ⓒ Yonhap News

Korea, who was the largest five largest vehicle producer in the world by 2015, to the seventh place in just three years. Due to the high cost and low efficiency product structure, it is due to a loss of competitiveness.

High cost and low efficiency As the business of the Type of Wangju, which is intended to be a starting point to improve the production structure, it is converted to the establishment of rural car factories in 23 years.

According to the Association of Automobile Koreans of Korea (KAI) on November 11, last year, the production of Korean cars decreased by 2.1% year-on-year to 2.39 million. It has been falling for three years since it fell from 4,456,000 units in 2015 to 4,291,000 units in 2016 and 4,115,000 units in 2017.

Korea's car production was expanded at this time from 5th place in 2015 to 6 places in 2016, and India last year, and also came to Mexico and went to 7th place.

Comparisons, Mexico is the area where Kia Motors Chraatais is working on the completion of completed cars since 2016. In 2017, its company will increase from 200,000 units to 300,000 units last year, and production capacity runs 400,000 units. How a Kia Motors plan is a & # 39; Increase its current rate of practice, the production gap between Mexico and Corra will increase.

Automobiles are the largest who support the creation of work in the manufacturing sector, including original and background industries. Fear of pronunciation is not a business designation; cars in our economy are so light.

Korean carrier production competition is not better than other major countries. There is no question about R & D or self-relocation, but there is a problem with the process where many people are involved.

According to the Korean Automobile Business Association, production of production was lost due to the low cost efficiency and low cost efficiency structure resulting from working relationships and a sustainable labor market structure. On the other hand, India and Mexico, who have over Korean over the last three years, "have been at a high level of productivity compared to salary levels . "

The project and Gwangju-type job, in which Hyundai Motor today has been hosted, is & # 39; attracting attention as an alternative to improving the continuing business problem of the European business.

By establishing the premium payroll unit; already with its home, car manufacturers can reduce the cost of production by reducing the amount of money. including the work units and the barbell unions every year.

Gwangju is a working factory, which is also the first car factory set up in Korea for 20 years.

In the mid-1990s, Hyundai Jeonju Motorcycle Factory, Samsung Motor (currently Renault Samsung Motors), founded Busan Busan (1995) and Gunsan Plant (1996) and Daewoo Motor (currently in Korea). There was no extension.

The problem is the system of work, which does not apply to the rights provided. Hyundai / Kia Motors and KCTU merger workforce resistance Type Gwangju says that the work order will be falling and wages will decrease ".

They refer to & # 39; falling order & # 39; low-level level of "known as & # 39; addressing operational management relationships, and # 39; improving the structure of their workforce and its; reducing the salary structure &

The union of staff is to open up works such as Gwangju due to the situation that local governments are capable of being able to; Fight against staff leadership relationships and can not increase strike-ups with strike.

"If we make work-related and salary structure vehicles, there will be a tough competition in overseas markets and the export will continue to decline," said a business officer. "If the work system does not leave its rights convicted, he said.[데일리안 = 박영국 기자]

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