Even though he was on the Kane tip, it would be funny, Trpiovsk said


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It was a logical step. there. Captain Kod has made the last two trips with Teplice and the face of Genka, again with Slavia playing in the European League in the following verse.

Jene Olayin, who has been in the least understanding of history, has come into the game. It was not just a barrier; , but a total invasion game, Trpiovsk said.

We tried to have a love at her. behind, someone left, but did not bother; He was a real man. Even if Kane had a & # 39; crops in the second half, it would be a fungus. Olayinka was in opposition to many hours. We wanted to attack again, but we did not support him, Slavie said.

He can not even & # 39; And the real floods usually support the stream, is it?
If we had a good move, so we got there, no matter where we were. To get into the game, we need to be good together, there is no offer today.

Especially in the first half vs. Plze pehrvala, agree?
She was drinking, lamenting, she was out on many of the personal duels throughout her; printing. During the Plze pebrala otte, the field of space and place on the sides of the fractured sides. Our protection was somewhat tough, even when the back was behind, so the defense was protected, the situation was dangerous. When did we seem to have survival and we will have access to some or something, so we did not get the game if there was. In the same situation, we tried to ride in the morning …

m the power you are explaining in & # 39; the first surplus?
Special good performance of Plzen. She went in to the time, set up, play a game, he was aggressive in a personal battle. We went on the ground and the soup rolled the balloon. The difference was ab & # 39; best in the use and in the duel: and on the ground, usually in the air, we fought for that fight, possibly nine percent.

After changing the sides you went into the game, but your opponents will return.
We stopped it with stdnmi, style change, in monm. Viktorka had a great hunt, so we made some pressure. But we did not promise the goddamn ace, we could not get in the enjoyment. Viktorka then decided with a similar glue, leaving the free game in the background after an action from the side. We dragged each other and we took the sac on the road.

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