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Business news

SII – Sai Gon Waterfund Infrastructure – Approved business output in 2018 with an income of 527 billion dollars, profit after tax to 61.6 billion dollars. SII also earns the 2011 revenue planning of 461.5 billion dollars, down 12 per cent; benefit from a VND68.5 billion tax, up 11% compared to the projection for 2018.

ANV – Nam Viet Corporation (Navico) – The company has posted 10 months of business activities with a trading change of 114.7 million. USD, where China's market is 21.8 million USD, equal to 19%.

KSH – Sharing Stock Development and Investment Sharing Company – The subsidiary capital decision decision has passed. Based on the approximate price price of KSH, it is VND284 billion is worth the total value of compensation.

DXG – Group X Stock Joint Joint Group – Varied written assumptions of shareholders for convertible convertible VND1,4 billion bins. Over 5 years from the date of delivery, interest rates are not higher than 7% per year and are limited to one year. Is expected to be released in quarter I or II / 2019.

VHC – Vinh Hoan Corporation – The dividend for dividend payment is 2017, the final registration date is 10 December. So, parts will be paid in cash by 20%, starting on 20/12/2018.

LDG – LDG Investment Group (LDG Group) – Signed contract to move Grand World capital project and Phu Quoc town. This business brought about 1,200 billion VND to the LDG Group.

HPG – Cooperative Stock Company Hoa Phat Group – It has given subsidiary companies a total increase of VND5,500 billion. Out of there, 5,000 billion is designated for Iron and Steel Quat Computer.

PDN – Dong Nai Port Co-Parts Stock Company – The 10th of December is the pre-sectoral day for the first payment of voting in 2018, the final registration date is 11 December. So, payments will be paid in cash at 10%, and will pay to & # 39; starts on 12/25/2018.

CTF – City Auto Corporation – It was agreed to sell 21.6 million shares to existing shareholders at the price of 10,000 dong per share. Registration date for closing the list of stakeholders on 04/12/2018 Registration time from 12/12/2018 to 08/1/2019.

NLG – Nam JSC Ship Deployment – The 4 divisional day is the divisional day for its first department fee in 2018, the final registration date is 5 December. So, payments will be paid in cash at 1.97%, and starts on its & # 39; paid from 19 December 1818.

HAX – Hang Xanh Automobile Service Division Stock Company – Intend to purchase 1 million section for finance shares with agreement and matching orders, equal to 2.86% of all extracts. Price of purchase at market prices. Time to be implemented in November 2015 – 1/2019.

ACL – Which Stock Stock Co-designated Long Fisher Shipbuilding – The closing date of 2018 is November 27, the final registration date is November 28. So, payments will be paid in a 20% cash, starting with payment from 05/12/2018.

IDV – Vinh Phuc JSC Development Infrastructure – The divisional payment for the department's payment is 5 December in 2018, the last registration date is 06/12. So, parts will be paid in sections of 15%, which correspond to IDV to & # 39; distributing more than 2.17 million new sections.

Exchange result of shareholders

APG – Joint Securities Phat Securities Stock Company – Mr Nguyen Ho Hung, the Chairman of the Board sold 700,000 shares of APG from November 1 to November 19 with an order of coordination order. After its expiration, its investment decreased in APG to 57,500 shares, 0.43%.

SDJ – Song Da 25 Shared Stock Company – Completing on 16 November 1818, Mr Hoang Hai Viet – Member of the Board of Directors when the General General purchased more than 1.1 million shares in the amount of 1.2 million shares registered to purchase previously. After the trade has been successfully registered with over 1.1 million sections, Mr Viet's share of shares 1,21 million shares, and # 39; accounting for 27.91% of recruitment capital.

Shareholders' transactions

VNE – Vietnam Electric Construction Cooperative Stock Company – Vietcombank Tarantan Company (VCBS), shareholders, organizations associated with Mr Le Manh Hung, a Board of Directors registered for 1.14 million VNE shares sold from 26/11 to 25/12 by means of agreement and order matching. VCBS will only hold 10 sections of VNE.

TPB – Tien Phong Commercial Co-operative Stock Bank – Mr Do Minh Quan, son of Mr Do Anh Tu – Deputy Presbyterian Register, bought 25 million TPB shares from 26/11 to 25/12 through the form of agreement and order coordination. Currently, Mr. Quan has not been running any TPB shares.

TTB – Tien Bo Group Joint Stock Group – Mr Phung Van Bo, Chairman of its registered Board for 1.3 million TTB sales from November 29 to December 28th by agreement. Expected for sale successfully, his / her ownership ministry at TTB will reduce to more than 7.46 million shares, a 15.9% share.

ACB – Joint Trade Bank of Asian Trade – Mr Do Minh Toan, registered as General Director of the purchase of 500,000 ACBs from November 23 to December 21 by agreement and order coordination. At this time, Toan holds just over 131,000 ACB departments.

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